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Dec 8, 2007 12:26 AM

Prepared Christmas dinner to go in Montreal??

Does anyone know where I can get a Christmas dinner, ie. Prepared turkey, potatoes, veg, cranberry, gravy etc, in Montreal TO-GO?
I checked the flyers for IGA and Provigo with no luck, and having no luck finding somewhere where I can pick up the food on Christmas morning or the evening before, so I can just reheat when I get back home.

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  1. several years ago I purchased the prepared dinner from Patisserie de Gascogne in Westmount. Turkey, gravey, dressing and veg. Pricey but well worth it. I also bought their fruit cake to go with. I think it was 130$ but memory is foggy on this. I have also gone for Christmas brunch at Ritz Carlton which was also pricey but no one could eat for a week afterwards. I have'nt tried Simply Wonderful in Westmount but I have been told they will do a Christmas Dinner to go. Good Luck ps I also have a neighbour that swears by Metro Bar- b- que chicken for her Xmas dinner. Not my style but I suppose you could dress it up with a good sauce and sides.

    1. Crispy1
      I appreciate your ideas, and will see if I can get some joy from these suggestions...Thanks

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        Here's a website for you to check out, with prices & info on their Turkey dinner at Patisserie de Gascogne.

      2. I reckon this is the type of thing you could get at Les 5 Saisons.

        Has anyone used their catering service?