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Dec 7, 2007 10:39 PM

Cheap Eats

I'm new to New Orleans and am really feeling the pain of the cost of living here. I've seen some great reccs for lovely expensive and moderate restaurants here on CH (not sure how to really break that down, but to me a $25 entree is expensive). However, I love casual hole in the wall places and really appreciate a good value. I'm interested in anything except Asian, and am happy to stay out of the FQ and the suburbs. Also not too fond of really loud smoky places. Any favorite great value places you would like to share?

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  1. If it's comfort food you're after, try Frankie and Johnny's (Tchoupitoulas at Arabella) or Joey K's on Magazine. Both places load you up with food (particularly if you stick with the daily specials) for a very moderate price. While both places have a full bar, neither gets loud or pushy and you can't smoke inside.

    If you want something a little more upscale and unusual, try The Delachaise (St. Charles at Delachaise). The food comes in tapas-sized portions and service can be slow, but the eats are top-quality and the smaller portions reduce the bill. Good date and conversation place, particularly if you sit in one of the front-window seats away from the bar.

    Other potentials include the Magazine St. Po'Boy Shop (at First), Liuzza's (on Bienville in Mid-City) and, of course, The Camellia Grill (at the turn, where St. Charles becomes Carrollton). Reginelli's has several locations and some of their appeitizers are full meals in themselves.

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    1. re: ZydecoPlayer

      Franky and Johnny's has gone downhill. The last time I was there it smelled so bad I could barely stay, and the only thing edible was the onion rings.

      1. re: mikemill

        You beat me to it. I quit going to F&J's after I was served spoiled turtle soup. I pointed it out to the waitress, who said "oh, you must not like turtle soup, it always tastes like that." Urp.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          The Delachaise is pretty good, though your selection is definitely going to be limited. I think first and foremost, it's a bar with a really good selection of everything, in terms of higher quality beer/spirits. They have a really nice single-malt scotch selection, and their beers are for the most part microbrews and imports. But back to the food. Their food is really delicious. The duck-fat pommes frites are ridiculously delicious. Also, they tend to have specials. For example, I had the duck-sausage with kraut and duck-fat fingerling potatoes for about $13. It was about appetizer sized, so I'm not sure if this is really a place for "cheap" eats. Apparently their cheese selection is pretty amazing too.

    2. Eat on the corner of Dumaine and Dauphine has great fresh food in a clean and comfy atmosphere. The most expensive item on the menu is $17. It's one of my fiancee's favorite places. They're brunch on Sat/Sun morning is the best thing they do and it is equally as inexpensive.

      1. What neighborhood are you in? Check out the corner of Jeanette and Carrollton for Lebanon's, Fiesta Bistro and Nino's. Iris is expensive, but worth it.

        Maple St: Jamila's, Cote Sud, GB's for a great burger.

        Vincent's isn't too expensive if you stay away from the specials.

        Lola's, Liuzza's, Liuzza's by the Track, Venezia, the Mexican place by Angelo Brocato's (Guerrero or something),

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          And Brocato's itself, for tasty stuff at a reasonable price. Felipe's, Taqueria Corona, Juan's Flying Burrito, and Tacos San Miguel (N Claiborne @ Elysian Fields) will fill you up without setting you back too far. And Crabby Jack's offers tasty food at a reasonable price, as does Cafe Reconcile (lunch only) and Lil Dizzy's. How about poboys? Eat'cha local culcha at Parkway Bakery, Domilese, or the Danny & Clyde's nearest you. Any of the Mona's (middle eastern) is another good, inexpensive option, as is the Byblos Market (Vets in Metairie). Head out to the Martin's Wine Cellar for very tasty sandwiches at reasonable prices (most are big enough to share, too); Stein's on Magazine St. has similar offerings, though more deli-centric in scope.

          Too bad Asian isn't on the list. To me, the best & cheapest eats in NOLA are all at Viet restaurants. $3.50 for a bahn mi thit nuong at Pho Tau Bay, or $2.50 for a bahn mi pate thit at Dong Phuong. Can't go wrong with a $5 bowl of pho, either.

          Pizza is cheap, by the slice. The Dough Bowl (next door to the Boot) sells decent pepperoni slices for $2.75 (they're BIG slices), and Brooklyn Pizza in Metairie also sells v. good slices. So does NY Pizza on Magazine.

          If you want a little higher end without much higher prices, try the tapas lunch at Rio Mar (weekdays). Bring a friend, and share small plates ranging from $4 to $8. Four or five small plates should fill both of you up.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Dong Phuong is so good! The Pate Chaud are to die for.

            1. re: Juvu

              Yes, those pate chaud are some good. I like the breakfast-y meat pies, too...don't know what they're called, but the pie contains a whole boiled egg inside.

        2. Surrey's is good and inexpensive if you stay away from the Juices. Port o Call will fill you up (amazing burgers!). Camelia grill is another spot. Try Mimi's for tapas. St. James cheese company for cheeses and meats to make your own sandwiches. Is Dunbar's open anymore? Ye Olde College Inn will do the trick as well.

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          1. re: mikek

            Dunbar's is operating out of one of the Loyola cafeterias.

            1. re: JGrey

              Wow! Thanks for all of the good ideas. I have had a burger at Camelia and did try those amazing frites at Delachaise--but I had to scream across the table, squish together in a crowd and the smoke was pretty bad. It's not that I don't like Asian food--most Asian restaurants are pretty reasonable so I have that covered. Are there any reasonable Cajun or Creole? I'm not sure if some of those listed fall into those categories.

              1. re: travelbuff

                COOTER BROWNS - it can get smokey during football games, but great bar food. Crabby Jack's is definitely cajun. Also, if you call into jacques imos and do takeout of a fried chicken order for dinner it will run you about 25-16 bucks. But, you get a huge platter of fried chicken, 2 sides and a salad. Their fried chicken is excellent as well.

                1. re: mikek

                  Sorry, but Crabby Jack's isn't "cajun"....let's just call it "Louisiana" and I'll not break into an extended rant.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    Excuse me, Celeste, when someone who just moved down says creole/cajun and is looking for regional flavors, I am pretty sure you can get many of them at Jacks. Jambalaya, gumbo, blackened fish, po'boys, etoufee every now and then. I am soooooo terribly sorry if I offended you by stretching the definition of cajun/creole to mean local flavors, ingredients and preparations. Whatever it is, Jack's has great lunch food.

                    1. re: mikek

                      bless her heart, h. celeste is a feisty one with her facts. better watch out!

                      1. re: mikek

                        I agree--Jack's is tasty. But it's as cajun as Taco Bell is Mexican. South Louisiana is a culturally complex place; I admit that I get testy when it is over-simplified...

            2. I second Magazine St. Poboy at First St. Cheap and very good. I've had the roast beef and shrimp poboys and both were top notch. Cooter Brown's also for poboys, etc. Taqueria Corona on Magazine is pretty cheap, also Felipe's near South Claiborne for mexican.
              I love Camellia Grill and La Madeline on Carrollton.

              Riccabono's on Panola is great for a lunch or breakfast, and Refuel on Carrolton is really awesome, although I rarely get out of there without spending at least $15 on lunch or breakfast. It's really good and really clean too, so worth it in my opinion.

              And I know people think Whole Foods is outrageous but you can get a huge sandwich (california club is delicious!), chips and a drink for under ten bucks. Or a huge plate of food for 8.99 right next to the sandwich bar. I love the pulled pork, mac n cheese, and grilled vegetables.

              Oh and don't forget Reginelli's Pizza - the meatball sandwich, brie calzone and all the pizzas are yummy!

              Would Liuzza's be considered cajun? I love their gumbo. It's in mid city, moderately smoky, but really good. Oh and don't forget Mona's on Carrolton (and other places); they deliver and they are cheap. I eat there all the time.

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              1. re: lawstudent

                No, Liuzza's is not cajun. Creole-italian, aka a "typical New Orleans neighborhood restaurant"....but they're not so typical anymore :(

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  I'm in the Carrolton area, and have tried several of the above places, and thanks to these great reccs I'm a happy camper. Are there reasonable places in the FQ or CBD? I'm finding myself over there more for work and I'm at a loss. Please don't say Mothers, I find it really unpleasant (and the RB was flavorless compared to Parkway for example).

                  1. re: travelbuff

                    In the Quarter I would have to recommend Coop's. Their Jambalaya Supreme is spicy and delicious. I am not a local so I may not know what a true jambalaya is but I absolutely love Coops version. Its a bargain at $9.50. I think their pastas are also very good $9.50.

                    In the quarter other bargain places are:

                    Verdi Mart (deli that serves hot food-some of it very good)
                    Mena's place (never eaten there)
                    Bennichin (spelled wrong im sure)
                    Johnny's Po-boys
                    Adolphos (in the marigny)
                    Central Grocery (half a muff $6.95)
                    Rio Mar (in the cbd for lunch tapas)
                    Lil Dizzy's (in the cbd -also have never eaten there)

                    Im sure I left out only a couple. New Orleans is the best bargin in america. If its not the best I am certain you get the best bang for your buck (no city is tastier). The prices preK were a dream, they are still reasonable postK.

                    1. re: indiwaiter

                      Good list indi. A couple more... Napoleon House & El Gato Negro.