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Dec 7, 2007 08:08 PM

Two nights/days in Vegas - Where not to miss?


I'm a transient from the NOLA board (hello Hunt) that is going to be in Vegas for a couple of days in the first week of January.

We'll be on foot around the strip, but I'll cab to great food.

If anyone has any "don't miss" recommendations, I would be appreciative.

Mrs. Monch is not a huge fan of spicy Asian, but I would like to introduce her to dim sum for a lunch.

Dinner could about anything. I'm looking for a value, not a bargain, on our meals. Great food at a commensurate price is totally acceptable.

Sorry to be so vague as to our expectations, but Vegas is not our stomping grounds.

Your advice/opinions will be welcome and appreciated.

P.S. - We love "kitschy"....the only other time we've been to Vegas, Mrs. Monch dragged me to The Peppermill to watch the fire burn on the water. Too cool....the 70's reborn!

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  1. OK...I'd be making the rec anyway, but since you are from NOLA, it makes it a must.

    Pay the cab fare and get out to Rosemary's. Husband and wife chef team...he was with Emeril and moved to Vegas to open the Fish House at MGM, she was with Susan Spicer. Need I say more?

    I will anyway. Any of the name restaurants on the Strip are a crapshoot at best. It's amazing how much $$$ is spent on dishes that only get an "OK" review.

    Even with a $50 cab fare, a party of 2 could save money (especially on Sunday...1/2 price wines) and walk away with a totally stellar dining experience compared to some of the more famous Strip restaurants.

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      It also bears repeating that Wednesdays are Ladies' Night at Rosemary's, where all ladies get 50% off their food, also a great deal!


      1. re: Michelle

        Right you are!

        And if transpo costs are an issue, one can take the bus.

        Always worth the effort and the tariff...

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          Oh my god, how have I not known this? I've lived in Vegas for years! My wife will love hearing about this one

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            Ladies Night is truly awesome. We're not big wine drinkers so the Sunday night half-price wine isn't a draw, but the Wed. Ladies NIght is. Think about it: the $50 3-course prix fixe is $25 for the ladies. This is less expensive than most if not all of the entrees. Luckily our visits to Vegas are usually mid-week. Last week, James (ex-waiter, now one of the hosts) told us that Wednesdays are their busiest night. Every table was full as was the bar. As usual everything was top notch.

            1. re: warrior90

              Is it Rosemary's you are new to, or just the Ladie's Night promo?

              If it's former, be prepared to have a new fave restaurant by a longshot...

        2. Ok, my MUST Go to spots are:
          L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon
          Joel Robuchon at the Mansion
          and FireflyI've heard great things about Rosemary's but it's been hard to tear myself away from the first two...I hate to repeat places but the first tiw I have visited several time each now and have been so happy every time.
          They are pricey but worth every penny.

          1. Vegas is such a target rich invironment right now its hard to recommend just a few but here goes. I agree with everthing thats been said so far and to it I would add:

            1. B&B at the Venetian / I was in Vegas on business recently and ate there several times over about 7 days. Typical of Batali: the food was bold, smart and flavor packed. Beef cheek ravioli, goat cheese tortelloni, mint love letters with spicy lamb sausage, were all dynamite plates. Didnt want too: but they made me try tried the lambs tongue salad with black truffle vinagrette and a three minute egg. Spectacular. They also have a very comfortable bar. Many of the staff have moved over from New York to make sure the experience is authentic and it is. Ask for the cocktail called "the mother theresa" by the bartender Adam. A tall bespectacled young man who has worked for Mario for 7 years. He has invented 150 ORIGINAL cocktails and this is his flagship. A must have from a real pro. A rare rum based concoction so complicated that its hard to describe but its a must have.

            2. Michael Mina at the Bellagio / cutting edge "bay area" food straight from the source. He is famous for "trios" of a single ingredient made three ways. Really cool presentations and a swank room.

            3. Bradly Ogden at Caesers Palace / James Beard Chef of the year winner who moved from his flagship restaurant in SF to fun this one full time. Killer, American farmers market driven food with a great bar, very comfortable seating and super service. The last time I was there and among many things: I ordered a scallop and braised short rib dish because the combo sounded hard to imagine. What arrived on a very long rectangular plate was a large, perfectly seared hand harvested diver scallop with just a kiss of the lightest fresh herb salad and vinagrette you had ever seen. This was on the left side. On the right side of the plate was crazy tender 10 hour braised short rib. The rib had an ultra rich lacquer that no doubt started out as ten gallons of beef stock, demi glaze and god knows what else before being reduced to this nectar. Just crazy good. Although by no means the newest spot in town, the room is cool, the service is great and the food remains sharp. Love the place and go each time im in Vegas.

            I could go on and on but I wont. Have a great time in Vegas !!!!

            1. I gotta agree with everyone on Rosemary's but If you stick to the strip I also love Nobhill and Bouchon.

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                I second Bouchon. I have dined @ the original in Yountville....I have to say the Las Vegas location is just as wonderful. We had breakfast there this past Wednesday morning. The Eggs cooked perfectly the brioche was light and the coffee supurb!
                One member of our party has many food allergies and found them to be very accomodating!

                1. re: Justjenn

                  Thanks all.

                  One night's reservation made: Rosemary's, our anniversary night and a Wednesday night to boot!

                  1. re: Monch

                    Timing is everything!

                    Make sure they know it is your anniversary, and be sure to report back!