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Dec 7, 2007 06:52 PM

last minute ideas?

We were going to go out wthout children for a 50th brthday celebration tomorrow, but the babysitter justcancelled. Any ideas for a nice dinner with two 6 year olds and a 3 year old? We are in White Plains, so Ossining and south or lower Farfield would be okay. Not too loud would be good, too.


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  1. definitely city limits in white plains.....given the last minute thing......they cater to kids and will cater to the adults as well........great ambiance........great wine/ is always consistent........and decent service to need for a reservation.........

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    1. re: southlake

      I beg to differ southlake. While I'm not a fan or City Limits in generally and I realize there are others besides yourself who do enjoy it, I definitely wouldn't don't think it particularly good for a birthday celebration.

      1. re: laylag

        given the short notice, being on a weekend, i think it would be a good place to accomodate a group of people.......and it is a good bang for you's definitely not super upscale by any means........but it is a good "last minute" alternative.......what's your beef with the place laylag?

    2. Red Hat in Irvington just expanded...might give them a try.

      1. Laguna (family style), Grazziella's, or Zanaro's all in White Plains. If you want to go the Japanese Habachi route, then Noda's in White Plains is also good and I think reasonable...The kids would love the show the chef puts on!!