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Dec 7, 2007 05:58 PM

Stocking Stuffers for KC area foodies

I read the gift basket thread, and thought we might expand a bit for a tangent. Where do you all shop for stocking stuffers in the KC area? What do you buy? In years past, I found bulk Italian candies at The Better Cheddar on the Plaza, but last year the selection was disappointing, not worth the expense. I'm missing Bissinger's that used to be in Oak Park Mall, for their dark chocolate coated molasses puffs and pecan nut balls. In the past, I've also gone to Andre's, Function Junction, Christopher Elbow, Dean and Deluca, and the discount shops like Marshall's and TJMaxx for kitchen gear at better prices.

Anyone want to share ideas, bargains, or little known, off the beaten track places to shop for foodie related items that will fit in a Christmas stocking?

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  1. I love ethnic markets for fun kitchen gadgets, candy and snack things. The Korean/Japanese market at 104th and Marty has wonderful tea accessories, tiny sauce bowls, sushi items and great snack mixes and Japanese chocolates. I've put lotteria sets and other little games from latin markets, along with fun Mexican candies. I always find great things at Tea Drops in Westport. Tea samplers and very nice little tea strainers and glasses.

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      You're talking about the Oriental Supermarket, right? That's on my rotation, but I wouldn't have thought of it for stocking stuffers. Why, I don't know, because yeah, there's all kinds of great stuff there! Which Japanese chocolates do you like? I'm only familiar with Meiji.

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        I LOVE the kitschy "Pocky sticks" or the strawberry creme filled ones. They come in super cute boxes - good for the kiddies - and cheap!

        Other thoughts -- what about nice vanilla beans from one of the bulk spice stores? Cinnamon sticks? Bay leaf - a nice "small" spice/herb collection - I would LOVE that. And you can surely put them in jars found at Prydes.

        What about Toy USA? It's by the Gates BBQ I think on State Line? Right off 35?
        They have TONS of stuff for teachers, camps, etc. But, may have some cute grab bag items.

        1. re: stellamystar

          Ah, Penzey's on Santa Fe in Old Town OP...
          Never been to Toy USA, thanks for the mention!

    2. I picked up some spicy nuts and trail mix at Original Juan Co (Southwest Blvd & Rainbow-ish) - they had some fun little salsas, etc that would fit nicely in a stocking, as well. They sell the nuts in tins as well as smaller sampler packs that probably would work better in a stocking. I also grabbed some Cherry Mash and Valomilk's the other day.

      1. A bag of coffee beans from your favorite local roaster. My dad's favorites are from the house blend at Wheatfield's in Lawrence.

        1. I don't see Pryde's Old Westport on that list. Certainly a must for any foodie. And the best gift wrapping in town.