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Dec 7, 2007 05:37 PM

beef jerky in austin

were visiting next week,my wifes a freak,for the real beef jerky!!have rental car well drive! thanks maybe a good non-chain steak place too....thanks

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  1. My favorite beef jerky ever is frequently available at the bar at the Roaring Fork as a snack. They will also sell it by the pound if they have enough. It is freshly made, crispy and very delicious. Next up is Robertson's off of I35 in Salado (about 45 miles exit 286 near Salado). Final recommendation, Desert Blend 990-7000. It's a chewier jerky but locally made and quite good.

    Gumbos on 8th and Colorado, while a Louisianna inspired restaurant, offers a very tender and delicious filet in a beautiful setting. The filet is nicely seasoned and offered with options of shellfish toppings... I just love that steak.

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      Too bad the Meat Shop on Peyton Gin closed, they had the best jerkey I've ever tasted. As to steak, I hear some raves about Houston's and McCormick and Schmick's, also the Ruth Chris Steak House on 6th and Congress. There's probably 40-50 other places, including restaurants that aren't strictly steakhouses, like Uchi (the best restaurant in Austin, IMHO), which sometimes has what is essentially steak on the menu.

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        In case our visitor-to-be does not recognize it, Houston's, McCormick and Schmick, and Ruth's Chris are all chains. That does not necessarily make them bad restaurants, but the request was for non-chain steakhouses.

        The best steak I've had in Austin was at Cibo not long after it opened (thanks to MPH's recommendation). I'm not sure I can recommend it now, given the reported changes to the menu since then. Austin Land and Cattle is not a chain and is pretty central, but the preparation of steaks has been hit or miss. I really like the Backstage Steakhouse in Spicewood, but almost always for non-steak items. In fact I've pretty much given up on steaks in Austin. I might encourage a visitor to central Texas to focus more on barbecue than steaks. Steaks can be had most anywhere.

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        That link for Desert Blend is no good. That isn't their real web site. The real one is at

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          Well, that's all I could find that day. Good to have the right one.

      3. Do not miss Roaring Fork (on Congress in the Intercontinental Hotel) for freaking unbelievably good jerky. Addictive. Great Pork in Green Chile Stew w/ housemade flour tortillas, too. If they only had draft beer...

        1. Mesa Ranch on Mesa Drive in northwest hills is very good for steak.

          For beef jerky, you might consider a drive to Johnson City for Whittington's beef jerky.

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            They sell Whittington's jerky at the downtown Whole Foods, Whip In, and lots of other places around town.

          2. For non-traditional beef jerky, Lily's Sandwiches sells Vietnamese style beef jerky. I love the hot curry jerky. They have several styles. Fruitified, sweet-glazed, etc...


            1. If you will be in South Austin or are willing to make the drive, Johnny G's butcher Block (one of the few independent butchers in Austin) makes their own jerky, and it is very good. A little pricey, but jerky is always pricey unless you make it yourself. We gave these as gifts to some family friends from Cali, and they raved about it.

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                ok were back,had a great time!roaring forks jerky was and still is the best we found.we took the drive to mecca [bbq that is] lockhart,and the guy slicing the brisket at blacks told us about a place called buc ees in luling.this place Buc ees was pretty amazing,they must have had 15 types of jrky,wow!from venison to turky ,and everything inbetween too,i think my girl spent like 50$ in jerky.we well be eating jerky well into the new year ,sweet! ok,we also had some awesome mexican food also,polvos was the best.we saw a bunch of great live music at the continental club too.and iced turbos at jos too.and the burger at casino el camino.Kreuz and Blacks and Smittys ,damn you guys eat good!!!!!if your ever in rhode island,Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks everyone

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                  I have to second Johnny G's. That is where I take my venison to get sausage and Jerky made, and they do a darn good job.

                  The beef they sell is outstanding also. Try it, and also the sausage.

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                    whats the address for johnny Gs?

                    1. re: im hungry

                      Google is your friend for such questions. The phone book would probably work, too.