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Dec 7, 2007 05:03 PM

Romantic Dinner (SEA)

Here are the places I'm considering for my partner's birthday dinner:

Harvest Vine
Sitka & Spruce
Cafe Juanita

Priorities are pretty much excellent food, romantic atmosphere, and price (in that order). Which would you pick? Is there another place I should be considering? (We just moved to Seattle, so I haven't been to many places yet.)


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  1. MC, neither sitka & spruce nor Lark take reservations... though at Lark you could either sit at the bar or go next door to Licorous to have a cocktail & wait ..Cafe Juanita is lovely & possibly the most romantic of them all but I don't know where you live or how much wine you'll drink and it's out there a ways. Harvest Vine can be great if you are upstairs at the bar (which is only romantic, if that's romantic to you) I live in Seattle proper ..I'd pick Lark because it's warm & wonderful, I've almost never had an off thing happen and it's in town + if you do have to wait, you won't be outside of a strip mall. If the strip mall wait is OK, or the Eastlake Zoo is where you like to drink then S&S has great food, sometimes has OK service and is the least expensive of the bunch.

    1. If you don't mind the drive, I would go with Cafe Juanita. I've actually been to some nice intimate birthday dinners there.

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        Consider Crush, lovely atmosphere and great food. on par with Lark.

        Sitka and Spruce is the best food on your list, but proceed with caution. The menu will not disappoint, but you have to go in knowing that you may be sitting at the communal table with strangers. Even if you get one of the 2 tables for 2, it is quite noisy. Always a great meal, but not high on the romance scale.

        Chez Shea has very romantic atmosphere and good food. Used to be our go to anniversary spot. It has been around for years, so not a lot of buzz anymore, but last time I was there, food was still consistanly well done. The only reason we stopped going is that now that we have kids, all babysitter nights are flagged for newer places to try.

      2. I'd definitely say Cafe Juanita is the most romantic and the food is consistently good. We had an awful meal at Lark and I certainly wouldn't call it romantic. Crush has good food, but conversation can be really hard (as are the chairs) and the tables for two have barely any space between them. Not quite communal dining but close.

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          Both times I've eaten at Crush it felt like everyone was speaking with a megaphone except us since we couldn't hear our own conversation. The last time we were there in fact the nice couple 2 tables over from us kept giving us annoyed looks because of the woman on the OTHER side of us who they thought was talking too loud. That space is an acoustic disaster. Lol.

        2. I would choose Cafe Juanita out of the four you mentioned. Romantic is not a word I would use to describe the atmosphere at Harvest Vine or Sitka & Spruce!

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