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What's your favorite breakfast place on the west side?

I'm looking to try a new breakfast restaurant. i usually go to the beach on the weekend and end up eating at the same breakfast restaurant. any suggestions? preferably by the beach area? santa monica, venice, manhattan, marina del ray?

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  1. Have you tried Joe's Diner in Redondo Beach?

    1. jinky's in santa monica. go early or be prepared for a long wait.
      1447 2nd Street
      Santa Monica, CA 90401
      (310) 917-3311

      1. In Manhattan Beach, Uncle Bill's Pancake House has good buckwheat pancakes.

        In Venice, I like 3 Square Bakery and Cafe, especially for the bacon cheese twist.

        A bit furhter from the beach but still on the westside, I like the breakfast at Monte Alban (Oaxacan), Clementine (American comfort food), and BreadBar.

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            I have to say, I like the food at Cora's, but I don't like Cora's.

            I find the chairs and tables and really the whole space sort of uncomfortable.

            Even though I enjoy my meals, I always talk myself out of going there due to the atmosphere ... though I can't put my finger on what it is, other than the place is small and the tables are small and the place seems small to me.

            JMO ... YMMV

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              That how I feel about the booths at the Omlete Parlor on Main Street in Santa Monica - terrible wooden seats that have lips that curl up under the backs of your legs.

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                I think the O parlor is uncomfortable and overrated.

            1. A bit further east on the downtown side of Culver City on Washington, but my absolute fave is S & W. Big portions, good prices and service, properly cooked eggs, hash browns, and pancakes, housemade corned beef hash. Diner, cash only, you make up your own combos for breakfast. Great place.

              1. my fave is Hugo's in WeHo (http://gourmetpigs.blogspot.com/2007/...


                and then there's Jin Patisserie in venice if you want a light one (quiche and sandwiches).

                John O'Groats on Pico is also awesome.

                I used to like Rose Cafe but my last visit was a disappointment ...

                1. Rae's Restaurant in Santa Monica.

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                    That's a great suggestion. Good, old school diner. LA is a little short on these places, frankly.

                  2. Me and my breakfast companiond have tried both John O'Groats and Rae's in recent weeks. John O'Groats primarily for their lauded biscuits, which were dry. Nothing else was memorably good. Rae's had good prices, but the portions were meager. Neither held a candle to the satisfaction and value of S & W, which admittedly has a weird take on a biscuit serving a square cut from a light cake, it seems. But S & W serves great mix'em match'em combos where the hefty pancakes, waffle, or fantastically crispy hash browns (ordered well) are just a side to the eggs and sausage (two patties instead of the small one I got at Rae's) or choice of housemade or canned corned beef hash. In my experience, no comparison.

                    1. Check out Uncle Darrow's in the Marina! They have grits, some biscuits and gravy (different gravy) and some nice sausage. Only on weekends.

                      I also enjoy George's Burgers on Lincoln and Navy on the Venice/SM Border. Its a total dive and greasy spoon, no atmosphere but I enjoy their Chili Omellete and Breakfast burrito..they have low prices, lots of unhealthy stuff too!

                      KJ's Diner in Westchester near LAX is sort of by the beach (a mile or so). Been a few times lately..its next to the new "Custom Hotel" in the bowling alley.

                      1. Want a fun on the beach -look at people -great view-Venice boardwalk The Figtree.or see the locals in Venice for a good breakfast (they give you a basket of shortbread muffins and bread)Hal's on Abbott Kinney.Lillys is good for brunch.Sit outside a local hang.