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Dec 7, 2007 04:21 PM

Low Sodium Smoked Salmon - Where to buy

I am searching for low sodium smoked salmon. So far, I have found that Trader Joe's is the lowest at 350mg for 2 ounces. This sodium level is still higher than I want. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to where I can find good quality smoked salmon with a lower sodium content.

Many many thanks

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  1. The best, lowest sodium smoked fish I ever got was from a fisherman at the Ferry Building Saturday farmers market in SF. He's listed on their website -- Captain something-or-other.

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    1. re: glutton

      would it be cap n mikes holy smoke?

    2. I just purchased wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon from Culver City Costco (1 package contains two boxes) for $18.99. Kasilof Fish Co. Sodium at 340mg for 2 oz per serving, slightly less than what you purchased. Received as gift last year, very good. I think it's a holiday item, didn't see this during the year. It was located on the floor, outside isles near all the food stuff across from clothing, not refrigerated.

      1. i was walking around in the new WholeFoods Flagship store in Pasadena and noticed that they have their own Smoked Seafood section where they smoke the food can probably call them to see what their sodium content is for their smoked salmon

        1. If you don't mind mail order:

          at 300mg per 2 ounces. everything i've ordered from them has been fantastic, although i haven't tried the smoked salmon.

          1. last week at Costco, they had 2 different lox-type smoked salmons, one was the sides imported from the Netherlands they've stocked for years, which is very smoky and saltier than a new (to me) one they had from Washington state, which came pre-sliced on a round foil backing. They had samples, and it was both less smoky and less salty than the other.