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Dec 7, 2007 03:58 PM

Lotus of Siam-lunch

Hello everyone, gonna be in Vegas for one day next week and wondering if lunch at LOS is as good as dinner. I already have dinner plans so dinner at LOS is out of the question. Their website states that lunch is only "Buffet and Ala carte." Does this mean the Ala carte portion of the menu? Or is the entire menu available at lunchtime? Also what are the best lunchtime dishes? Any information would be appreciatied. I'll be sure to post full details of our entire day of dining, thanks!

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  1. The full menu is available at lunch time, but note that it is not separated into lunch/dinner. At some places that would be a frightening concept, price-wise, but at Lotus you really are getting dinner at lunch prices during all operating hours. The fact that their quality is what it is, with half of the menu under $10, is a marvel.

    Also be sure to ask if they have anything special that they are working on, since there are some outstanding options not on the menu that they are continually experimenting with (to name a few - Lemon Grass Salad; Prawns Ocha; Beef with Fresh Peppercorns; and a variety of different takes with fresh fish).

    1. You might also want to ask for the Northern Menu, as well. Chances are, it will offer some dishes you've never had a chance to try before.