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Dec 7, 2007 03:17 PM

Quick Cooking Cookbook Challenge

I take a long time to cook and because of this I am not motivated to cook when I get home late or feel tired. This leads to food going to waste in my fridge and expense of dining out more often. Eating right and well, really does lead to happiness for me. I want to cook quality meals every night I am home and want to get much faster. I wonder if I get a cookbook that promises fast recipes and use it for every meal for a month or more then maybe I can learn more techniques for fast cooking and get into a routine where even if I get home late no problem. Not sure if they make books where an entire week of meal is planned in order to use all of the ingredients that you buy? This could be helpful. I do eat meat (not needed for all meals, and I don't eat big portions of meat), all veggies and like ethnic food. Please help me by recommending the your favorite Quick Cooking cookbook. Or if there is a website that specializes in quick meals and plans out weeks let me know.

Qualities of a great Quick Cooking Cookbook
Not too many ingredients per recipe to cut down on shopping time (once per week)
Not too many expensive ingredients, or hard to find
If use unusual ingredients have several recipes using them so extra doesn't get wasted
Has one dish meals and entire meal of recipes written together or pairing notes
Has fairly healthy recipes on a whole, uses whole ingredients
Fairly consistent winners.
Has tips for making cooking quicker (besides obvious like buy pre-cut etc...)
Lets you know if will freeze well
Has a lot of variety of tastes and ethnic recipes to not become bored.
Well organized and easy to read instructions, pictures a plus.
Doesn't use gadgets that are hard to clean too often

Thank you for any suggestions!

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  1. I'm not personally familiar with any of these titles, but if you search "meals in minutes" at you get quite a long list of cookbooks, some from seemingly reliable sources. Perhaps one of these would work for you.

    1. I always love Cooks Illustrated books, and their The Quick Recipe is great.

      1. I've had good luck with both Everyday Food magazine and its companion cookbook, Great Food Fast. It's organized seasonally, which is a plus for me.

        1. not sure if you have Publix where you live, but their website has a recipe section called Aprons. these recipes are all very easy, quick...and so far i've liked all the ones i've tried. one cool thing about the website, is that you can pick out your recipes for the week, and it will create a shopping list for you. also, alot of their recipes also use shortcuts like frozen chopped onions, or other "half home made" type angles. they never really have weird exotic spices you would never use again either. you could still use their recipes, even if you don't have Publix where you live:

          1. A book I like when I'm in a hurry is "The Working Cook, Fast and Fresh Meals for Busy People" by Tara Duggan. Simple but interesting recipes. Last night I made Mushroom Marsala with Polenta, and it was very good.