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Dec 7, 2007 03:10 PM

Anyone been to the Happy Ending in Hollywood?

I'm meeting friends tonight in Hollywood & just read about a new place on Hollywood Blvd at La Brea called the Happy Ending. It's a bar with an extensive menu. I guess the chef used to be at The Mint. It sounded promising. Anyone been there or heard anything?

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  1. Haven't been. Hear it's a drunken frat house sports bar mess. Food is an afterthought. Great if that's your thing.

    1. Wow, thanks for the warning. Time for Option B.

      1. Actually, I've been there and I thought the food was pretty good for bar food. I had kobe sliders, truffle fries. onion rings and all were both pretty tasty. Others in my group had fish tacos, chicken parm and meatball parm...and there were no compliants. Although, I should mention a bunch of us for drinking martinis w/ handmade olives stuffed with blue cheese that were very yummy!!!

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        1. re: Obessed

          A Kobe slider?
          I'm sure it's American Kobe but even then, I have to ask: - WHY?
          Lucky Devil's does Kobe burgers to... Burger - Black Angus!
          And Truffle fries, anything with truffles would be tasty... but pricy.
          Although this against everything I beleive in, I now have to check this out!

          1. re: French Fry

            Some coworkers and I went for lunch one day as it's near our office, and its was pretty dire. The "Kobe" burgers were ordered medium or, in my case, medium rare, but all came well done and tasting no better than those expensive Angus things one would get at McDonald's. Actually, they were rather plainly dressed and a little more boring than the McDonald's ones and certainly more expensive; the fries were certainly nothing special. The calamari we got were poorly breaded, with the coating slipping off the reveal naked rings of squid with the texture of bicycle tires served up with far too little from-a-jar marinara. Adding insult to injury, our drinks were served in plastic poolside barware. That may fly when the bar is stuffed with drunken frat boys during the big game or at 11:00 P.M. on a raucous Friday night, but at lunch on a nearly empty weekday, it shouldn't be a problem to serve up a beer in a proper glass.