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Dec 7, 2007 03:08 PM

Stillwater Restaurant in Buffalo

After weeks of research (including Bill Rappaport's page) my friend and I have decided on this restaurant for a special dinner tomorrow night. It seems like a cool area and the menu grabs both of us.

Is this a good decision?

Thumbs up or down?

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  1. I would love to know your thoughts on The Stillwater, assuming you went on Saturday.
    What did you think?
    This is in the former Lord Chumley's, right?
    The menu looks inventive.

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    1. re: jerryc123

      Sadly, we didn't go. The cab ride would have been close to $100. :(

      We went to Protocol instead. It was pretty good. I had a rare, wasabi crusted tuna steak that was quite yummy. Also, I'm not much of a dessert person, but the creme brule was quite good too.

      I still want to go to Stillwater though. Maybe when I'm in town for the Winter Classic.

      1. re: Davedigger

        Protocol has good seafood, but the building could use a face lift, huh?

        1. re: bevoray

          LOL!! Yeah, it's kinda strip-joint-ish.

        2. re: Davedigger

          I spoke with a few friends of mine who had eaten at The Stillwater recently. They all mentioned the food was very good, not fantastic, just very good. One couple had been for lunch, the other two for dinner. All three mentioned that the service was spotty - something the restaurant might want to work on.

          I know that the executive chef, Scott Donhauser, has left, to open his own restaurant called Verbena, in the old Daffodils on Maple Road - they plan to open in January. It will have a Mediterranean-inspired menu.

          Bill Goodhue, the owner of The Stillwaters is one of Donhauser's partners, in Verbena, but I'm not sure who's running the kitchen at Stillwaters now.
          I'll post my thoughts on Verbena when we try it.