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Dec 7, 2007 02:42 PM

Christmas dinner, Phoenix

We've decided to do the volunteer thing with the Salvation Army dinner at the convention center on Christmas morning, and then go out for dinner somewhere in the late afternoon or early evening. So far the only list I've found of restaurants that will be open on Christmas was on the Phoenix site, and nothing on that list inspired me. We know that our best bet is with the resorts, but I don't want to call every hotel in town to find out who's open. I tried Taggia but found that they will not be open (and closing anyway, perhaps, by that time?). Any ideas?

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  1. We have been to T. Cook's several time for Christmas dinner and it's always been wonderful. Not a buffet.

    We've also been to Lon's once, a few years back. Again, not a buffet. It was disappointing when we were there but that was several chefs ago and the reviews seem to be much better these days.

    Kai has always been closed on Christmas in the situation this year we can't go out so haven't called for this year.

    Outside of the resorts we've never found a lot of options and many of them are buffets which we've always avoided. Never been disappointed at T. Cook's though - you might want to consider that.

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      Aha, the solution to Christmas dinner came to me in the middle of the night. I remembered that Zinc Bistro has been known to be open on Christmas, and I called, and they are. Just what we were looking for -- nice, but not over the top.

    2. You could take a page from "A Christmas Story" and go for Chinese food. Have your self a "Chinese Turkey".