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Dec 7, 2007 02:41 PM

Knife Block recs please?

I'm looking to get a nice knife block set for my father for Christmas. Something $300 or under with 7-8 pieces. No need for steak knives. I've been looking at Henckels and Wusthof but have no idea the difference between each brand and the different kinds of each brand. Can anyone help please?
Thank you!

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  1. If we're talking about the top of the line from each producer, there is a fundamental difference. Wusthof are still made the traditional way--hand forged from a single piece of steel. Henckels use some ice-hardened layering process for all knives 6" or longer.

    I have all Wusthof Classic except for one 6" utility knife that's a Henckel's Pro-S. It's a very good knife, but I have a definite preference for Wusthof.

    As for where to buy them, if you live in a large city your Bed Bath & Beyond should have 8 piece block sets of each for around $300. Use a 20% off coupon. I know the coupons say "not applicable for..." The reality is that BB&B will honor them for anything in the store. The luxury brands just make them print that on the coupons out of brand image.

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      Just a foot note on the BB&B coupons. They do not expire. No matter what date they have on them, they are good for as long as you have and want to use them. This is a federal law, not a good will gesture by the store. Save them up and use them when you want.

      1. re: chipman

        another footnote: sometimes the coupons disallow certain items--including Wusthof and Henckels from time to time. I am a great saver of these coupons and some older ones disallow one brand, or the other, or both. You can try to use them anyway--worth a try.

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          A federal law? I sure never heard that before. Linen and Things used to go back and forth between accepting everything, and then nothing over sixty days. I got mad, so just shopped at BB&B. Lately, its back to accepting everything.

      2. I'd recommend a block by Brion Keagle ('re lovely & can be customized to your knives...

        1. Are you looking for knives or a block to store them in? If its the block you want, I agree with the other poster, Keagle does a nice job. Personally, though, I don't like blocks anymore... and prefer magnetic holders like those made by this guy:

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            Looking more for the knives rather than the block, but it seems as if its way more expensive to buy the knives individually

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              If you're looking for something special in the way of knives, check out

          2. I have both Henckel and Wusthof knifes in my kitchen. The Wusthof blade is heavier metal than Henckel. You can get a Henckel set of Knives at a SAMS or Costco. Ruby

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            1. re: Bob J.

              the Henckels knives at Costco are their "value" or bargain knives. Their Premium lines (the one with the twin man icon, not at Costco) are the only Henckels worth considering, imo, but they cost more.

            2. I saw a nice set of Wusthoff at Costco last week for $199.