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Dec 7, 2007 01:28 PM

Bastide - Well?

Before and immediately after Bastide reopened, there was quite a bit of hubub about it, but now it seems there hasn't been a real post about it in a week or two. Most references to it lately have merely been as a "place I haven't gone to but want to check out."

Did something happen or is nobody going? And if nobody's going, why aren't they?

I ask because I have some friends who are important to me coming to to town from New York, and wanted to take them to a really nice, fresh restaurant. I read great things here and in mags about the new Bastide and was excited to have an excuse to go, but not having read anything about Bastide lately, I was worried there was an issue I'm unfamiliar with. I have reservations for the 20th, so if I need to make new plans, I'd like to do it soon.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but thanks anyways.

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  1. There's actually been a couple of reviews of Bastide in magazines lately. Los Angeles Magazine and LAT (or was it Weekly?). I'm sure that it's still going strong. I couldn't wait for it to reopen and ate there shortly thereafter. I thought it was fabulous. It's pricey though. I definitely won't be able to afford it again for a while.

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      Thanks, that's good to hear. I'll try and check out those articles as well.
      I basically feel the same way you did, and agree about the money, and that's just why I wanted to make sure it was all right.

      1. S. Irene Virbilia just gave Bastide 3 stars. We were there recently and it was just wonderful. The place was packed, so people are going there, no doubt about it

        1. LA Times had a great review on Wednesday in their food section. I also ate there Tuesday night and it was incredible.

          1. Bastide has never been better. Seven Courses for 100- is a deal!

            1. It most definitely ranks in my Top 5. Not just b/c we went opening week, either.