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Bastide - Well?

Before and immediately after Bastide reopened, there was quite a bit of hubub about it, but now it seems there hasn't been a real post about it in a week or two. Most references to it lately have merely been as a "place I haven't gone to but want to check out."

Did something happen or is nobody going? And if nobody's going, why aren't they?

I ask because I have some friends who are important to me coming to to town from New York, and wanted to take them to a really nice, fresh restaurant. I read great things here and in mags about the new Bastide and was excited to have an excuse to go, but not having read anything about Bastide lately, I was worried there was an issue I'm unfamiliar with. I have reservations for the 20th, so if I need to make new plans, I'd like to do it soon.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but thanks anyways.

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  1. There's actually been a couple of reviews of Bastide in magazines lately. Los Angeles Magazine and LAT (or was it Weekly?). I'm sure that it's still going strong. I couldn't wait for it to reopen and ate there shortly thereafter. I thought it was fabulous. It's pricey though. I definitely won't be able to afford it again for a while.

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      Thanks, that's good to hear. I'll try and check out those articles as well.
      I basically feel the same way you did, and agree about the money, and that's just why I wanted to make sure it was all right.

      1. S. Irene Virbilia just gave Bastide 3 stars. We were there recently and it was just wonderful. The place was packed, so people are going there, no doubt about it

        1. LA Times had a great review on Wednesday in their food section. I also ate there Tuesday night and it was incredible.

          1. Bastide has never been better. Seven Courses for 100- is a deal!

            1. It most definitely ranks in my Top 5. Not just b/c we went opening week, either.

              1. I've been scrounging for all the recent reviews as well. One thing that seems pretty consistent is that you should expect to be there about 4 hours and eat at a leisurely pace. The LA Times reviews says that tables are only booked to one party per evening. Seems like some of the disappointing reviews have been from people who didn't quite expect that, so you should know that going in. (If that's not totally accurate, feel free to correct me, anyone. I haven't been there.)

                1. I was there last month and it was terrific. Just sublime. Food, pairings, service, price, all off the charts. It was also not stuffy like the old Bastide. This was comfortable and cozy. I will absolutely go back.

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                    how long is the wine pairing meal? (like how many hours)

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                      check the qualityMart post two above yours!