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Dec 7, 2007 01:07 PM

Nice restaurants near the Fairmount hotel in Chicago?

I'm looking for some really nice restaurants for dinner in chicago. I'm going to be there for 1 night only and will arrive around 9 pm. So a fancy steak or seafood or great restaurant around the fairmount hotel would be great.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. Aria, in the Fairmont is great--fusion'esque, but really my favorite is that they make great nan with various dipping sauces.
    Palm Steakhouse a block away--standard steak house, but always good.

    1. Dave Burke's Primehouse and Keefers are both excellent steakhouses within a five minute cab ride or so. Saloon Steakhouse is a great old school steakhouse also relatively close. They all get tons of recommendations on this board. Do a search and you can read more.

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        agreed. you won't find many places in the city better than Aria.