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Dec 7, 2007 12:56 PM

Good, Reasonable, French in Theater District

I will be visiting my in-laws in the NYC area and we plan to go into town for a show. I am looking for suggestions of good reasonable places in the general Theater district. We are planning on a matinée and dinner after, so we can travel a bit farther and not have to worry about being rushed.
I am asking for French primarily based on the palate limitations of my in-laws. They can't handle spicy AT ALL, and are rather intimidated by Asian, and I'd rather not do Italian.(They have problems with me, who loves everything from Afghan to Ethiopian!) I don't really like most of the French food I've tried. I find it very heavy and often rather bland. Spending my youth in San Francisco may have something to do with that. But then maybe I haven't had good French! So please, tip me off as to some suggestions. Doesn't have to be French, though my FIL seems to really like it.

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  1. I have liked Le Madeleine on 43nd and 9th. It is nothing too exciting, but a sweet and pleasant French Bistro.

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      Second the Le Madeleine suggestion. My girlfriend and I went there a few weeks back before the Duran Duran show and she had been telling me about it for some time. Had an excellent roast chicken with the most delicious buttery mashed potatoes. If you can get a table in the garden room in the back, it''s a nice setting. She's actually there tonight for her mom's birthday.

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        I'll add my voice for Le Madeleine-a good, solid meal for a good price. I don't think you'll find the food too heavy, and it's certainly not bland. I'm especially fond of the pork chop.

    2. Also a big fan of Le Madeleine but you can also check about Marseille (more French bistro than L M) and Chez Josephine. There is Artisanal, French bistro centered around (wonderful) cheese. If you want to venture down to the Meat Packing district you have Pastis.

      1. My favorite has always been Chez Napoleon. You might find it too bland, but the others will probably love it.

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          I second Chez Napoleon. I haven't been there in years, since there are so many more more interesting choices now, but for good old-fashioned French comfort food that is not challenging, it's great. If the old waitresses are still there, they will steer you to the right dishes and tell you what to avoid. I used to enjoy the rabbit in mustard sauce and the venison steak.