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Dec 7, 2007 12:28 PM

Is Jean Georges currently worth it?


I am planning a trip to Manhattan in late January and I am considering going to Jean Georges for dinner. My gf and I have been to Daniel twice (the first time was incredible the second time, very good but not as good as the first time) and we are looking to try another great restaurant out. I really wanted to go to Per Se but they are all booked up for dinner on the evenings we are there we would not want to do lunch as there are other things we would like to do in Manhattan during the day.

I spent about 30 minutes reading previous posts on Jean Georges and noticed there was a wide range of opinions. But, for the most part I noticed that most of the criticism seemed to be from many years ago and the more recent posts were more positive.

But before breaking the bank, I am wondering if people who have been there in the last year or two might chime in on how good they thought it was in terms of both the food and the service and whether they thought it was worth it.

I have dropped the occassional small fortune in the past, and when the restaurant is great - I am really happy I did it..... thankfully, we have only had moderate let downs and as we are not rich, would like to keep spending money on meals that actually blow away our expectations away and leave us in awe.


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  1. I think Jean Georges is fantastic. I was definitely not disappointed, even accounting for the price.

    (count down to at least 10 post about how EMP is better and how it's the best thing that happened to New York since Katz's)

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      How about Daniel Humm rules, but Jean Georges rules more :).

    2. In my humble opinion, Jean Georges is the best French restaurant this side of Per Se.

      And yes, I do find it better than Daniel and especially Eleven Madison Park

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        So it is the best french restaurant within a block? LOL!!!. In all seriousness though, Jean Georges is excellent.

      2. definitely worth it and IMO, far more memorable than either EMP or Daniel. the food is way more creative and flavorful. go for the tasting menu..I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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        1. re: jimmyjazz

          "far more memorable than either EMP or Daniel"

          Agree 100%. I love Jean Georges. It's not Per Se, IMO, but it is a wonderful experience.

        2. If you take price into account, Jean Georges is absolutely "worth it". It was as enjoyable as my French Laundry experience at half the cost. I got back and forth between Jean Georges and Daniel for favorite high end french in NYC. I like the creativity at Jean Georges better but the ingredients and madelines at Daniel better. You gotta love a city where you have so many tough choices.

          1. Jean Georges is great, no question. That said, I find Cru and Picholine offer better value and a warmer ambience. I know there will be a lot of disagreement on this, but if you are price-conscious, you may want to consider these. Also, if you like game, Picholine has a wild game tasting menu right now (seasonal, so check to see if they will still have it in January) that I really enjoyed.