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Dec 7, 2007 12:25 PM

Giant Hamburger (Mesa) and El Taco de Chandler

Has anyone been to either of these places?

Giant Hamburger is at Lindsay and Broadway and has been in business a long time. Happeneded to drive by recently and really wondered what people thought of the place?

El Taco de Chandler is on Chandler Blvd about 1/4 of a mile west of McQueen. This place is generally pretty busy but don't recall seeing any mentions on this board. Thoughts?


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  1. We haven't been to Giant Hamburger yet but since you mentioned Mexican... Aztec Burrito right next to Giant is one of our favorites little joints... quite good and very inexpensive.

    1. I've been to Giant and it's worth the stop. It's old school hamburgers -- big, suitable juicy and made to order, with toppings as you want them. Now I think I'll have to get some coworkers there next week. Excellent fries and all the other diner standards.

      Be sure to have cash because they don't take cards.


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        Two questions.
        Do they grind it, themselves? Can you get it rare?