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Dec 7, 2007 12:23 PM

Ultimate OC Restaurants, 2007 Edition

Can you believe the year has gone by so quickly?

The concept is simple: everyone is asked to list, in rank order, your top 5 restaurants in Orange County that you would recommend to houndly out-of-town visitors or to chowfriends for a special occasion. Since we worship at the altar of deliciousness, your ranking should be based 75% on food and 25% on everything else.

To join the fun, reply with a list of ONLY your top 5 choices. Responses with more than 5 choices will not be included. Replies with fewer than five choices will be tabulated. Your entries will be weighted arithmetically, 5 points for your #1 choice; 4 for #2, & so forth. A simple list will suffice, but any & all explanation is welcome.

50 OC hounds responded last year. The more replies we receive, the more useful are the poll’s findings, so please do reply. We’ll keep the polls open until December 21 & publish the results shortly after the new year.

Last year's poll is here but somehow the results thread got misplaced. I'll chime in with my five shortly.

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  1. 1. Napa Rose
    2. Studio at The Montage Resort
    3. Marche Moderne
    4. Stonehill Tavern
    5. Mastro's (Costa Mesa)

    1. 1) Shin Sen Gumi
      2) Tsuruhashi
      3) Inka Mama (Foothill Ranch location)
      4) El Adobe (Saturday lobster fajitas)
      5) Seafood Paradise (Dim Sum)

      Hmmm... 4 out of 5 the same as last year. Either they're really good or, I need to get out more often.

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      1. re: JAB

        After his evenings subpar meal, El Adobe is unfortunately on the down hill watch.

        Also, I owe a debt of gratitude to this board for 3 of my 5.

        1. re: JAB

          This was my 1 and only subpar meal at El Adobe. We didn't go back right away after this meal but, have been back several times since and it's back on point. I'm referring specifically about their seafood offerings especially, their lobster fajitas.

      2. 1. Basilic (Balboa island)
        2. The Ritz (NB)
        3. Napa Rose (Chef's Counter)
        4. Clae's (Chef Todd only)
        5. Stonehill Tavern

        1. 1. Bluefin
          2. Cafe Hiro
          3. Stonehill Tavern
          4. Sushi Shibucho
          5. Marche Moderne

          1. 1. Marche Moderne
            2. Shibucho
            3. Thai Nakorn
            4. Nory's
            5. Hatam