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Dec 7, 2007 11:42 AM

PESTO on Connecticut Ave, NW?

Anyone ever tried this place? It's been there awhile, but I don't recall any reviews.

It was Mrs. Simpson's for a long time and is at the corner of Connecticut and Cathedral, near to zoo.


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  1. I used to live in the apartment building that Pesto is located in, and really wanted to like it. It was SO convenient. But I went once, and never went back. Best bet is to walk a few blocks up to Cleveland Park for your pick of good places.

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    1. re: spider

      I was disappointed too. It only seemed to pretend to be Italian. Bread that was like eating chalk. Two of us with salads, a main course, bottle of wine and a digestivo cost over $100. We were surprised at that and concluded we've eaten better Italian for less.