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Dec 7, 2007 11:14 AM

Ravi Kabob on Glebe Rd?

Has anyone had any food here? is it any good? I am looking for LAMB CHOPS like the ones sold at Kabob Palace in Crystal City. Please be specific w/ recommendations! Thanks!

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  1. Many, many, many years worth of posts on this place, so you might try a search. Use various spellings (kebab, etc.). Generally, most people on this board love it, myself included. I'm unfamiliar with the lamb chops you're citing, so can't be helpful on that account.

    1. I've been ordering lamb and chicken kabobs from there (take out) for years. Very good. Don't know about the lamb chops.

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        Thanks guys but do they have LAMB CHOPS or just lamb kabobs? Do they both do take out?

        1. re: enfant_gatée

          My takeout menu lists Champ Tandoori, Gujranwala style, "lamb chops mixed with hot spices and yogurt cooked on skewer."

          This is in addition to regular lamb kabobs.

          Both places have--or at least did have--the same menu, and both have takeout. Unless it's changed, the family restaurant on the west side of Glebe Rd. is open only in the late afternoon/evening (opening at 3:00)

      2. mr. alka will be happy to find out that ravi kabob has lamb chops. we love ravi kabob food. obviously, have missed the lamb chops?!

        raaga in falls church on rte. 7 west of columbia pike does a great set of lamb chops. very, very reasonable. nicely seasoned, cooked in the tandoor to order (typically served medium rare). lots of people take out food from there.

        1. the champ tandoori (lamb chop) at ravi is one of my favorite meats anywhere. hands down.

          i would rather eat the 11 dollar champ tandoori from ravi than a steak from mortons. its that damn good.

          and the chickpeas. wow. i think the post wrote a whole article just about the chickpeas at ravi once.

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