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Dec 7, 2007 10:39 AM

Chicken cheesesteak?

OK, I'm from Boston. And all the time I lived in Philly, I never got the cheesesteak thing. They're OK, but sub nirvana, no. However, my husband fell in love with the chicken version. Basically the same thing as a cheesesteak but with chicken bits (chopped, sauteed on grill) instead of steak.

Is there anywhere around here to satisfy his craving? Honestly, I just don't get it - both versions are so ordinary and uninteresting to me. But he misses them passionately, so whatever, I love the man, I'll try to track them down. But give me a good lobstah roll any day.

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  1. Cabot's Ice Cream in Newton has them. Their version is pretty good: fresh bread, nice crispy edges on the chicken.

    Try their belgian waffle for dessert. Mmmm.

    1. I too absolutely love the chicken phillys, i think it is the best sandwhich out there. Unfortunately i have yet to find a really outstanding one in boston. You will have to travel down to the south shore to find a good one. There are alot of pizza places that have chicken stir fry subs that are similar to the chicken philly, but just not the same(Carl's in Waltham has a decent one). Jersey Mike's Subs in Raynham, MA and Fall River, MA have outstanding chicken philly's, unfortunately it is a little bit of a ride. Please let me know if you find a closer one!

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        If Carl's is the little place by the Waltham train station, I second.

      2. Wow...this is bizarre! I had one today and was just thinking about posting the same question here. I love regular steak-n-cheeses, but I rarely eat them, so I'm always on the look-out for a healthier chicken or even veggie option. Anyway, my current go-to option has one of the best chicken bombs I've had -- Mulligans on Causeway St. I work nearby and go there at least 1-2x per week. Besides their famous fresh roasted turkery, they have great grilled chicken that are used for a number of sandwiches. For the chicken bomb, they dice one up on the grill with onions and peppers and lather on some cheese. The sub rolls are always really fresh because they are so busy and the sandwich is great. Highly recommended, but hurry because I heard a rumor today that they are closing, which if true would be a terrible blow to this good food-starved neighborhood.

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          Romano's in Lawrence does a chicken bomb and also an italian bomb and I've seen on special, a teriyaki steak & cheese or teriyaki steak bomb. Sub rolls from Tripoli's bakery in Lawrence.

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            +1 for Mulligans chicken bomb, it's a great sandwich. I was about to reply 'Dave's not closing Mulligan's!!!' until I saw the date on this post (yeesh!), he did close temporarily, and then re-opened over on Canal street

          2. Thanks for the craving - I haven't had one in years and I need one now.

            I used to get them at a place in Beverly, where they made a chicken cheesesteak using shaved chicken. Before I hunt them down, do any of these places use shaved chicken, or is it chopped?

            1. Moogy's in Brighton has chicken cheesesteaks. I can't compare them to anyone else's, but they're pretty good. They have a lot of different versions. They are on Chestnut Hill Ave, off of Commonwealth Ave.