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Dec 7, 2007 10:34 AM

The Green Bean.. Northampton MA

Went to check out Green Bean, the new breakfast/lunch spot in downtown Northampton that opened in the former Sparky's location. Very mixed review.

The new owners did a nice job with decor. It's a small space but comfortable. Wooden tables. Bench seating along the side walls. Pleasant lighting.

The menu is a bit odd for a breakfast place. Basically, all the eggs are mixed scrambles or sandwiches. No omelettes. No toast (but scrambles served instead with an scone.) The scrambles are mostly veggie & cheese but there was one with bacon mixed in. They are served with homefries. Any other meat is ala carte.

Food quality was good. My egg, cheddar, green onion, and mushroom, and bacon scramble ($7.50) was done right and tasty though a little stingy with the good quality bacon. Potatoes were small red skinned, not very well spiced but with just the right consistancy. The scone was just OK. A bit overpriced at $7.50. $5.75-6.50 would have been about right. Coffee was $2.25 for a bottomless cup. OK, but keep reading.

Service was a bit weird/off-putting: Its a sit down restaurant where the waitperson gives you the menu, takes the order, and brings the food to the table. Fine. The weirdness was that customers are required to go get their own coffee from one central coffee table. That's alot of up and down in a small restaurant. I made four trips to get 2 cups of coffee. There was one smallish dispenser and the first and third trips they were out of coffee so I had to go up two more times for my first cup & refill. I also had to wait while the people in front of me poured their coffee, put in their sugar and cream to taste, etc etc. Very inconvenient for a sit down restaurant. They need to either make the entire place self service or full sit down service. The way it is now is goofy and off-putting. Please, bring the coffee to the table! It's not that much to ask..and so much more pleasant for the customer! And, then how do I tip properly? Hmmm.

Bottomline: Kinda disappointing. About $12.50 for breakfast including tip. Overpriced for what you get and how its served. Green Bean should be a welcome addition to a town with too few decent breakfast places but it is miles behind Sylvester's in quality and value. Jake's is much better value. I'll give it another shot but right now I'd still rather wait the 45 minutes in line at Sylvester's than be seated right away at Green Bean.

Any other reports?


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  1. Hmm. Thanks for the report as this place hadn't even entered my radar. Maybe it will lure some others away from Sylvester's and reduce the wait time. :) What did the lunch menu look like?

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      Didn't pay that much attention to the lunch menu. Maybe I'll check out lunch there next week.
      Here we are posting during the middle of the day. Guess there's not much else to do in the Pioneer Valley this time of year except eat and post, eh?

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        It's too cold and snowy to do much else. :) I'm certainly going nowhere near the Holyoke Mall!

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      1. Sylvester's has done one thing consistently well for me: eggs benedict. Their home fries, omelettes, and huevos rancheros have varied in terms of preparation. Not worth the hour long wait on weekends (and the stressed out staff), on weekdays it's a much quieter place and more worth a visit.

      2. I finally got to the Green Bean today. I had an excellent mocha for a "starter" and a scramble w/potatoes and scone. The scramble was just okay, I could probably have done the same at home, but the scone was good, flaky and lighter than some. We had to ask for butter and jam.

        I liked the looks of the menu, veggie and meat options both. There was a savory take on a Korean bibimbap with brown rice that I'd like to try next time. Any place with Sriracha hot sauce on the table is okay by me...I used a bit on the potatoes. Since I ordered the mocha I didn't have the "coffee problem" but my friend did have to visit the coffee stand to put sugar in her cafe au lait, and that was a little awkward, as the beverage was delivered tableside (no packets). They made it very clear they were fine with us lingering -- maybe that's the guiding intent of the coffee stand, dunno. Staff was pleasant.

        Lunch menu also had some good-looking sandwiches and a burger. Overall the menu options seemed to split the difference between Sylvester's and Haymarket, if that makes any sense to the W. MA folks.

        I'll definitely go back, although I'm a little afraid of how crowded the place could get on the weekends (my normal schedule), vs. Friday am of a holiday week, as the entranceway has a potential for stacking up. We were able to easily get a table but it was pretty full even today. If I get out at all in the morning on Sat. or Sun. I usually end up at Miss Flo's or Look Diner rather than risk the madness of Sylvester's; maybe this place will present a third option.

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          1. We are thrilled to have another option for breakfast especially on weekends in Noho. We are old regulars at Sylvester's and love!! breakfast at Amanouz but any place that offers tempeh and veggies (Tempeh, Arizona served with corn pancake...great) has a special place in my heart. I eat eggs but just crave other things sometimes. I think the coffee service set up is fine...I just didn't love the coffee itself. And my friend found the Chai kind of ordinary but she said it hasn't been great at Haymarket lately either. Haymarket is probably my least favorite for actual breakfast food, but I love going there just the same. Also like granola at Woodstar for a change.

            Guess we are very lucky in Northampton and welcome the addition to our great choices. I would have to say that Jakes is not on our list at all...sorry.


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              Haymarket makes good french toast.