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Dec 7, 2007 10:23 AM

Hip and Happenin' on the Westside?

We have reservations at Table 8 but I would like to go somewhere closer on the Wextside. I am taking a couple of eastcoasters out whom have requested hip and happenin'! Help!

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  1. What's wrong with Table 8? The westside is generally staid compared to the Hollywood spots. Maybe Katsuya or Bandera or the Penthouse at the Huntley.

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    1. re: Renault78law

      nothing wrong with Table 8- only trying to avoid the drive on a Saturday night. Those are great suggestions! Thanks!

      1. re: Amanda Enclade

        Ah, I totally sympathize. Venice would be really fun too. Tons to do on Abbot Kinney.

          1. re: Amanda Enclade

            beechwood, hal's, joe's, james beach, hama sushi, chaya venice, mao's kitchen

            and in santa monica - musha, boa, the new robota place (sm and second i think), wilshire, g. baldi, whist, akwa, capo

            westside - craft, fraiche, ford's filling station

    2. Chaya Venice
      Katsuya Brentwood
      Ivy at the Shore
      The Penthouse

      1. Robata Bar in SM. I think Joe Miller's Bar Pintxo opens today or tomorrow.

        1. Abode has both very good food and the kind of ambiance you are looking for.

          The Penthouse is vey hip. Food is nice but not excellent.

          Whist is also very hip and happening. So so food last time I was there.