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what should I do with butternut squash?

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I baked and mashed it. It's one of the sweetest squashes I've ever tasted. I could make soup, but I'm looking for more inspiration.

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  1. Cut it into cubes, roast until caramelized, and add to risotto.

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      Add cubed persimmons to it when roasting, follow JoanN's instructions.

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        Oooooo. Wonderful! Next time. Thanks.

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        I recently made a risotto with bacon, butternut squash and smoked gouda - great combo! Half the squash was cubed and the other half grated (which disintegrates into the stock). And did a second risotto with the same ingredients and barley instead of rice.

      3. Here's a recent thread trying to get 'non-soup' ideas. I'm not sure it was successful, since there were only 58 replies. I also recall a 'help with bland squash' thread.


        1. Since you already baked and mashed it, how about a quick bread? Pie? Custard/flan??

          1. Cut it in cubes and pan roast with onions, garlic, a touch of cinnamon, some red pepper flakes and tiny grape tomatoes, add a drained and rinsed can of chickpeas. It's delicious with couscous. Or put in a slow cooker with cut up carrots, ginger, cinnamon, onions and chile pepper and simmer for several hours. Then mash and add some chicken stock, it's a great soup.

            1. So so so many things!

              Besides soup.....

              stuff ravioli (either homemade dough or use wonton wrappers)

              layer in lasagna

              stir into rice pudding for a sweet dish with nutmeg

              use in muffins/quick bread like you would pumpkin or banana

              Cook down for a squash butter

              Also, a friend of mine makes absolutely killer killer squash brownies using the Joy of Cooking brownie recipe...omit the chocolate and add 2 cups squash puree.

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                Thanks for all the replies! What is squash butter? Sounds interesting.

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                  Squash butter is like pumpkin butter or apple butter, cooked down fruit or vegetable, sweetened and spiced to your taste. It's a good spread for toast or to accompany roasted meats like pork tenderloin, I imagine. You can also use it as an ingredient in oatmeal cookies and other baked items.

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                    For most purposes, except for carving, a hard squash like this can be used just like pumpkin. Or another way to put it, pumpkin is just a type of hard squash.

              2. You could use it in a gratin... I made this butternut squash and creamed spinach gratin for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit.


                1. In my ignorance, are we already way past the traditional? I slice them in half, add a generous pat of butter and a sprinkle of light brown sugar, and include them for the final 45 minutes of baking of whatever meat dish is in the oven. A teaspoon helps scallop out the hemisphere of squash when it is plated. I assumed this yankee preparation was universal; please forgive me if it is and we are only looking for butternut squash haute cuisine.

                  1. I split them in 2, remove the seeds and roast the halves in a open pan at 350 for 2 hours, until they are almost falling apart and very sweet.

                    My mom would place a ball of sausage and brown sugar in the seed cavity, but I prefer a complete vegetarian presentation. It is 1 of my favorite fall meals with a green salad.

                    The seeds can also be roasted like pumpkin seeds.

                    1. Use the butternut mash thinned with a bit of cream as a sauce for a whole wheat pasta shape like rigatoni, and add sweet italian sausage and kale. Finish with just a bit of sherry or balsamic vinegar, whichever you like better.

                      1. An alternate to the typical soup, risotto, lasagna, is to cube and roast the squash and then mix it into a salad of arugula, pecorino, and a vinaigrette. I tried it at a restaurant a few weeks ago and have been replicating it since!

                        1. My very favorite thing to do w/ butternut squash is make quesadillas -- w/ monterey jack cheese & chopped red pepper (or roasted) w/ a sour cream chipotle lime dipping sauce. Always a hit at my parties. But I roast w/ onions and garlic per Epicurious recipe

                          Alternately I used to make a pureed squash dish for Thanksgiving w/ maple syrup and butter. Even avowed non-squash lovers ate it up.

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                            Yes! Squash facilitates the apotheosis of the quesadilla, IMHO. Some roasted squash in the fridge makes it easy to whip up a quick quesadilla that's more than just cheese. (It was one way to get more veggies into my kids when small.)

                            Since I will also make a sandwich out of darn near anything, I have also spread roasted butternut on bread along with some smoked gouda to make a grilled sandwich. Maybe odd, but delicious.