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Dec 7, 2007 10:09 AM

Best DFW Tex Mex in uptown area

Looking to try new places. Have not been to Avilas or Mia's but heard they are very good.

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  1. There is quite the discussion about Dallas area Tex-Mex here:

    1. If you are looking specifically in Uptown, I think it is Manny's.

      Avila's and Mia's are both great and both should, by all means, be tried by any fan of Tex Mex food. That being said, of the two, my vote goes to Avila's

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        Avila's is one of my all-time favorites for a low key dinner although Mia's is pretty good as well. Avila's has a good mole chicken and brisket tacos, plus their hot sauce is nice and spicy. Mia's might very well have the best margarita around.

        Hererra's and Ojeda's are solid choices for what I think of as classic tex-mex (also on maple, although Hererra's has two locations one of which is on Denton Dr). If you want to get out of the downtown area you might want to check out Cafe Veracruz in the Bishop Arts district in Oak Cliff. It is great for a quaint dinner and worth the drive, but it is more true Mexican rather than Tex-mex.
        My secret favorite for a quick lunch is La Hechizera on maple just south of Inwood (not in uptown any more than Avilia's is). Their tortas are great and best enjoyed with an ice cold orange fanta:-) Do not be afraid if you don't speak spanish. Here is a review from, look halfway down the page for pictures: