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Dec 7, 2007 09:30 AM

Post-movie eats in Port Chester?

I've recently moved to Port Chester, and I'm in love with the restaurant scene here. But normally I'm going out for dinner at around 7:30-8pm. Tonight I'm going to a movie at the Loews, and will be out around 9:30. Where's a nice place for a glass of wine (or six) and a late supper?
And while I'm at it, I've read a lot of posts on PC dining, but I do love to read about people's personal favorites, so let rip! Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Mirage is a fun place, and they do late night dinner. There were some comments several months ago fearing that their food/service was slipping, but most recently posters have suggested that Cafe Mirage has returned to good form.

    Cafe Mirage
    531 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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    1. re: Shawn

      it definitely is slipping........i live in port chester.......go there once a week or so.....(they're good for sandwiches and salads)......entrees are hit or seems every other time i go there i have to send an entree back because it's either undercooked or just plain bad...........and come on now........change the menu once in a blue moon......i'd say 85% of their customers are regulars........give us something new and seasonal!.......and while you're at it........take care of those disheveled blinds............and cracked molding on the windows......consistency is everything to me.......step your game up a notch.........

      1. re: southlake

        I'm sorry to hear that. We were at Cafe Mirage earlier this year and thought that it had gone way downhill. A number of posters confirmed this at the time, but then when people recently commented it had turned around, we were hopeful...

        We really used to like this place.

    2. nessa would be good it has a great selection of bruschettas and a lot of choices for wine
      its directly across from the lifesavers building/

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      1. re: TessCooks

        I second Nessa. Lots of great eating options in Port Chester particularly the latin restaurants and Q and Tandoori are also very good but Nessa sounds most like what you are asking for. Oh and off the beaten path of Main Street, there's F.I.S.H. too.

        Oh, and although Patrias and it's tapas menu may sound like a great idea especially for post-movie wine and apps but I'd strongly recommend avoiding it. Went about a month ago and it was very disappointing. Good atmosphere but the food - meh. The new ownership brought in better bread but everything else --- not so much. Fried calamari were definitely frozen and blech. The portions on the cheeses and charcuterie platters were meager at best. The croquetas were decent and the gambas al ajillo were okay but the cost far surpassed the quality and overall experience.