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Ribs in Montreal


Are really really bad, I know, I think I have tried most of the places that serve them. However, last week I was passing by the Bar-B-Barn for the first time in something like two decades, and then I discovered that there was this place called Scores on Sainte Catherine that looked like it would give Baton Rouge a run for its money.

All of this is a long winded way to say that since the quality is pretty much uniformly horrible I am surprised at how many there are. So I'd like to compile a list of ALL the places that serve ribs. If anyone knows of some place (good or bad) that isn't listed here, I'd be much obliged. Thanks in advance.

Kansas Cité (4006 Ste Catherine)
Coco Rico (3907 Saint Laurent)
Mesquite (3857 Decarie)
Scores (1432 Sainte Catherine)
Baton Rouge (180 Sainte Catherine)
Bofinger (5667 Sherbrooke)
La Louisiane, (5850 Sherbrooke)
Bar B Barn (1201 Guy)
House of Jazz (2060 Aylmer)

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  1. I'd have to disagree about the "really bad" part.
    I quite like Coco-Rico, and if you hit Bar-B-Barn on a good day, they've still got it.
    You did leave out Cage Au Sports, which is basically a BBB clone. I've not been to Biddles for about a century, but I seem to recall they're also cut from the same cloth. I guess that's House of Jazz, right?
    I've been to Bofinger twice, and found them almost as good as anything I've had in Texas, though I still prefer Coco.
    I find Baton Rouge is inedible, and reminds me of some Bruce Marsh Kraft commercial from the 70s...mix 3 cups of ketchup with a pound of marshmallows...

    1. The ribs at Meatmarket are not bad.

      But, the best ribs I have had in Montreal are the bison ribs at APdeC. (You didn't specify what type of ribs.)

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        I suppose the bison ribs are prepared the same way as the venison rib recipe in the APDC cookbook (cooked in broth for 3 hours then smoked and served with BBQ sauce)?

        I have a really good maple syrup pork side ribs recipe I developed based on the Babbo braised ribs recipe in Bill Buford's Heat, and my dad's old sweet and sour spare ribs recipe. I sometimes fantasize about sending it to Martin Picard so he could improve on it, because it still needs some tweaking. It's basically a maple syrup, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and vinegar braise. I have a feeling I should add some spices to the mix but I don't know what.

        1. re: Venusia

          You cannot go wrong by adding some onion and garlic powders, some cumin, gfreshly ground pepper, chili powder (which one is at your discretion, but I favour chipotle and ancho chili powders) and a splash of liquid smoke.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            Thanks for the tips! I have a collection of embarrassingly stale and unused spices I am never sure what to do with. I'm more familiar with herbs and pastes, which are intuitively easier to use. Olives et épices is one of those places that I love, perhaps because it seems so mysterious to me. I need a Spice 101 course; I did put the Ethne de Vienne book on my list.

      2. I liked bofinger. I went with a few buddies, and most of us (save one, an indian guy that is only used to eating chicken and fish) enjoyed our meal. And it felt like good value too! BBB is good too, but not good value at all IMHO.

        1. scores is a gross chain
          what do you expect

          1. they serve really big beef ribs at Magnan's.

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              A Nebraskan friend's mother cooked her ribs for a big gang last night, and they were without question the best I've ever had. I travel frequently to Raleigh and San Antonio, but nothing I've had in either place comes close.
              My ribs at Bofinger were great on Friday, but by last night they were a distant memory.
              The solution: Make your own.

              1. re: bomobob

                Any chance she would like to share the recipe and technique??? I would LOVE to know - and I promise to keep it my own little secret....

                1. re: maisonbistro

                  She gave me the recipe, and was almost embarrassed by how simple it was...

                  1. re: bomobob

                    So simple that you would just love to share it with me, right????


                    I'll make ya some!

            2. Howdy!

              Thanks to all. As for a recipe, I make variations loosely based on these recipes: http://www.bbqrecipesecrets.com/bbqsa... make sure to marinate the ribs overnight and then do them extremely slowly in the oven (or on the grill when I have access to one).

              1. Just heard about Kansas City restaurant for first time yesterday. Is it any good?

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                  Don't know, but FYI Kansas City has the same address as Rotisserie Côte Ste-Catherine and Souvlaki George on Ste-Catherine West. I wonder how they can fit three restaurants in one location. Especially two that serve the same type of food.

                  If anyone can chime in about this, I'd love to know if they have a smoker in there since the full name of the place is Kansas City BBQue Smokehouse.

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                    It's possible Kansas City BBQ has replaced Rottiserie Cote Ste-Catherine/Souvlaki George on Ste-Catherine West. Just a guess.

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                      Nah, Souvlaki George is still there, they just added a sign outside for Kansas City BBQ.

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                        So Rottiserie Cote Ste-Catherine is gone?

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                          Made a brief visit to Kansas City BBQue Smokehouse, just to check their menu. They have replaced Rottiserie Cote Ste-Catherine. Kansas City has a small smoker, besides chicken items, they have beef ribs, pork ribs, baby back ribs, charbroiled hamburger, sausages & pulled pork. For the ribs, they offer a choice of 5 different sauces.

                    2. re: SnackHappy

                      From what I heard they serve, I assume they have a smoker of some kind. Could this be a trend of more smoked bbq restaurants opening up in Montreal(started with Mesquite & Bofinger)?

                  2. I ordered the dinosaur beef ribs at La Louisiane, last Sunday and there was nothing dinosaur about them. Instead of getting the huge ribs I had eaten there on a previous visit, I got four rather skinny beef ribs. They were good and the sauce was great, but there wasn't much meat on them and at 19.50 per plate i felt a bit taken. I could have had similar ribs with better fries for less money at Bofinger.

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                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      I felt badly about your disappointment with your ribs at La Louisiane, and suggested that you try Michael Smith's recipe: Oven Baked Ribs, foodtv.ca.
                      You will be amazed at how tender and delicious they are.

                    2. I use to go to Barbie's deli and grill in Dorval for their ribs. It was about on par with the Bar B Barn circa 1995 but I haven't been there in years. I use to like their breakfast as well.


                      1. You forgot to mention St. Hubert for ribs. I used to have them several times a year, pretty good as far as Montreal ribs go. You can of course get them delivered and they're better than Scores.

                        You can also get them at Casey's (there's one at Marché Central, apparently in Brossard and maybe elsewhere as well).

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                        1. re: reelection

                          My gf quite liked the ribs at Old Orchard - Prince Arthur location. I don't know how they compare to other places, good or bad...

                          1. re: foodinspace

                            Had an office party 2 or 3 years ago at Olde Orchard downtown. I ordered the ribs. They were straight out of a box with the fake charcoal lines on them. Painful.

                          2. re: reelection

                            You should try the ribs at marven's. they are pretty decent.