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Dec 7, 2007 09:09 AM

I love MORTON'S!!!!!! (review)

Twas' my 3rd time going to Morton's on Avenue Road.
And most may say, typical steakhouse
But I say: YUM!

Spectacular service, always on the ball, consistent in steaks.
I love it.

Starting off with the server (who was actually happy to be there) to the scrumptious
LARGE Onion Bun they place on your table....SO GOOD!

Started with Oysters and Shrimp Cocktail (Huge huge huge)

Then what I always go there for:
The Bone-in Rib Eye.........again a very very big cut, but prefer a t-bone.
Excellent. Med Rare. Just divine!
For me, steak is an EVENT and I expect something stellar.
I got that at Morton's:)
(had the asparagus tips for my side, tender, yet crisp with a nice smoked taste).

Crème Bruleeeeeee to end it off and not sure what type of coffee they serve, they
call it the Morton's Coffee, but very aromatic.

So if you are looking for a dependable steak and a relaxed welcoming ambience,
then I would try it out! SERVICE is never rushed, and have never had a bad experience.

We went on a Tuesday night and the place was hopping.

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    1. re: Pincus

      I too agree. Just did Mortons on Wednesday. Ate in the bar area, with full menu offerings. The bar tender/server was very attentive, made my drink to order, with perfection. Onion bun is delicious. Freshly baked it seemed.
      Had the rib eye (smaller size no bone) medium rare to perfection. Green beens with garlic and mushrooms on the side. All were yum! 2 steaks, 2 sides, 4 drinks was $170 with taxes and tip.
      They do have cheaper fare in the bar area. Alot of other diners were ordering these mini burgers, 3 per plate. I'd be curious to try them! I overheard the server saying the fries were divine as well. I will have to return to try.

    2. Well, NoFixed, I am glad you enjoyed Morton's.
      I stopped going there because of
      a) the absurd and rather juvenile dog and pony show exhibiting "our baked potato" etc...
      b) the arrogance of a waiter - who said, in reply to my asking why my filet had a "tail" of fat on a cut I order precisely because I like (visible) fat-free lean meat and had never seen such an appendage on a filet before, "O that's the way we serve it" rather than offering to cut it off, find another steak, etc.
      c) it's a chain - that isn't as serious as a) and b) but for the money I can go to Barberian's or Harbour Castle (inter alia) and be treated better and enjoy better food.

      1. Agreed that the steak there was nicely done. I first time I went to Mortons a few years ago, the steak was very mediocre and I was not impressed at all. I went again a few weeks back on a company paid meal (my wife talked me into it) and ordered this 2" thick tenderloin... cooked beautifully. Too bad the Bernaise sauce was awful (good thing I asked them to pour it on the side). I only wish they could do better sides (boring veggies and mash), but I can't expect too much from a steak house.

        Going to be trying Ruth Chris again in Jan (also company meal), will see how the 2 compare head to head...

        1. +

          4 Avenue Road at Prince Arthur, Toronto, ON M5R2E8, CA

          1. Steaks at Morton's are very good, cooked as ordered and too large for any normal human being so there will be leftovers unless you are a lumberjack or a linebacker. Vegetable sides are surprisingly good, especially the creamed spinch, the asparagus and the hash browns. Wine list markups are greater than average (300% and more) but a few reasonable choices under $50 and a bunch under $100. Chairs are comfortable and tables spaced so that you do not have to meet or listen to your neighbours. Handsome, inoffensive decor. Comfortable bar area.
            Downsides? Pre-presentation of vegetables is ridiculous. The waiter holding a broccoli in one hand and a tomato in the other looked like a street busker about to juggle. Starters are blah. Service is attentive and friendly but lacks polish or finess - rather like the friendly, well spoken college kids who wait table at upscale summer resorts.
            Go for a terrific steak. Enjoy the complimentary onion bread. Share a potato and veggie. Be frugal with the wine list and dinner for 2 with tax and tip can be had for about $250. Add starters, pre dinner cocktai, dessert and liqueur and you can just about double that.

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            1. re: riknpat

              The molten chocolate cake is their best dessert (when done right).

              I'd prefer if there were more choices of smaller cuts for those who don't have as large appetites.

              1. re: ersatz

                Sorry I still don't understand why anyone would go to Morton's - as people observe, it's a high-priced, certainly comfortable establishment with astoundingly high prices but no particular finesse, decor or singularity of steaks.

                For the same price you can go to Harbour 60, the epitome of its kind (if you avoid their absurd "gallery" seating); for a little less you can go to Tom Jones, Barbarian's, Bardi's; for a good deal less you can enjoy Senior's or House of Chan - each of the foregoing has its idiosyncrasies, specialties and strengths/weaknesses: but no dog and pony show of raw steak and veggies, no chain or chain-like attitude, and definitely a lot of distinctive soul in each.