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Dec 7, 2007 08:53 AM

Viognier -- San Mateo -- Poor Reservations Management

Hard to rate the restaurant on food or service as I was not given the opportunity to dine. I made a reservation several weeks ago for 12 people. Three days before the reservation the manager called to tell me that they had over booked the restaurant. They told me that I could still come, either an hour earlier or an hour later and would also have to split the table into two. This is not the type of service or attention to detail that I would expect from a restaurant with reviews such as this. Very upsetting!

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  1. Sounds like they need to sign up for OpenTable

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    1. re: Concetta

      They're already on OT. Although I've always been treated well there, you should call the manager and complain - that is so rude! And I know that they do have slow nights and should not afford to lose goodwill.

    2. i have been disappointed twice there and so thats it for me