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Dec 7, 2007 08:38 AM

Finding Brisket in San Francisco. Come on Costco, get with the program!

I am looking for a brisket. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg for this humble cut of beef, though it seems that is the only way locally to insure quality.
Can anyone comment on the Smart and Final briskets?
Other recommendations?

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    1. You could try:

      Divisadero Meat Market
      600 Divisadero Street
      (between Grove St & Hayes St)
      San Francisco, CA 94117
      (415) 921-6159

      I bought a whole brisket there last week, it was $3.33 or so a pound. They can also get the navel cut.

      1. Smart & Final usually has cryovacked brisket...about 10 lb. It have seen both select and choice, usually around $1.69 lb. You might check the current ad.

        I doubt if you will find Prime brisket anywhere.

        Good luck.

        1. Smart & Final is definitely the place to go for brisket. Sure, they only sell them whole, so you are looking at about 11 pounds. But at $1.89/lb. (most recent ad) you can braise half and freeze the remainder, grind it into hamburger, or cut it into stew meat at less than what the flat cut will cost at the supermarket. More important, properly braised brisket (or even bbq) requires the extra fat that the cryovac package provides -- the 1/4-inch trim that the supermarkets or most butchers sell does not adequately protect or moisten the meat during the long, slow cooking. I have only seen choice at Smart & Final. Enjoy!

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            Sorry but it's better -- current ad (at least here in SoCal) is whole briskets for $1.69 at Smart & Final.

          2. Has Costco really stopped carrying them? As of last year, Costco usually had them but I had to ask, NOTE sometimes the butcher actually trims the fat off. If you ask if they have them, just ask if the fat is still on. They were cut in half (Mountain View Costco).