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Best Chinese Restaurants - Stamford CT

I am looking for excellent clean, not gloppy chinese that doesn't use MSG and delivers? Any great suggestions?

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  1. I moved out of Stamford a year and a half ago, but as I recall - Uncle Dai's on Atlantic does not use MSG and they do deliver. I remember them being pretty good when they first opened a couple yrs ago -however can not vouch for the present. Perhaps someone else can weigh in. In any event - here's a link.

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      I am trying this place tonight for take out so I will let u guys know how it is! They were very sweet on the phone and were very patient and were not rushing me off which was nice! I am just hoping that the food is as good as the people were on the phone with me but I will definitely let u know!

      So I ordered a large wonton soup, Crystal Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Happy Family and brown rice - which I love that they have brown rice b/c I don't know any other Chinese restaurants that have brown rice in Stamford. The soup was very good! I couldn't find any shrimp in the dumplings...they were very interesting..I think they had spinach in them but I couldn't find ANY shrimp at all!! As for the Happy Family, it is pretty good...has a lot of bok choy in it which I do not like at all and now I will remember to ask them not to put any of it in any of my dishes. I would say that the food is okay! I think I would want to try them out one more time...trying something different next time! I really like that they dont use MSG and are more healthy oriented.

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        coincidentally, jfood sneaked out of Safavieh while mrs jfood finished up and wondered to Uncle Dai for an egg roll. It was nicely cooked and did not burn the mouth. Unfortunately like Maroya, jfood noticed there was absolutely no teeny-weeny shrimp in the roll. It was tasty, did notleave too much of that oily after taste.

        The people were very nice and at 3PM on a sundaythere was about 30% full, which is a good sign.

        May try some real food next time mrs jfood shleps jfood to safaviah.

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          jfood...next time you're dragged out to Safavieh, sneak over to Duo for sushi instead. It's right past the old Bank St Brewery.


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            Thanks A. He actually started walking that way but was hopeful that mrs jfood would be a little quicker.

            Have both Duo and Market on the January List.

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              jfood- very interested to hear a report on Market once you have tried it...

      2. There is no such thing as good Chinese food in Stamford. Every Sunday night we order in because I am too tired to cook and I am a slave to these crummy places. Westport, Darien, Greenwich have some decent places but not here in Stamford. I'd love to know about one but I do not think that it exists.

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          Chefmo: Where do you go in greenwich and Darien that is decent? Any places do peking duck?

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            Many will agree with jfood that the best in the area is Ching's Table in New Canaan, no delivery (like everyother place in NC). Here's the web site:


            The jfood's head's up is they will rush you. Do NOT order all you dishes at one time. Order the apps, then ask for the menus and then order the entrees. Otherwise you might be in and out in 30 minutes. They also do a huge take-out. Their sister restaurant around the corner, Sushi 25, is very good and has both sushi and some of the same dishes (szechuan dumplings far superior at Ching's).

            But no Peking Duck, but some of the other duck dishes (Wok glazed ginger duck)are outstanding. This place loves shitakes.

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              Yes, Ching's is very good. Sushi 25 is OK, better than Plum Tree as far as sushi goes. I was never a huge fan of their Hunan Cuisine, better option is Taste of Asia, up the street (formerly Magic Wok).

              Both restaurants are owned by Alan and Jing Lee who also operate Wild Ginger in Ridgefield, Hunan Cafe in Wilton, and Penang Grill in Greenwich.

        2. Posting this thread from the New England board about an authentic-sounding Szechuan in Milford ... not Stamford, but still promising.


          1. has anyone tried that little chinese place on Hope Street next to the CVS? It's the one next to a small asian grocery?

            I wouldn't normally think it was any better than any other little place, but I stopped in to buy plain white rice (a different story) and I noticed they were hand making their dumplings in the back. that in my opinion warrants a return visit. I haven't made it yet, but maybe it's worth a try.

            I think the big thing with ANY chinese places around here is that anything that is going to be mildly authentic would probably either be on the written menu or not on the menu at all. The workers often are eating meals on their breaks that you can't order off the menu. But I think cracking that barrier would require a bit of finagling, charm and time...

            who knows.

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              The restaurant window is soooo dirty that is very unapplealing already, have never tried it due to that. Sorry

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                Yes, I think it called Szechuan Dynasty? Good Shrimp W/ Lobster Sauce.

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                  Place is HORRIBLE! Go over to 1st Wok on Glendale ave I believe (right up the street from Nick's Pizza. Their food is best in area as far as I am concerned. Not delivery but very good food, and VERY reasonable.

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                    good to know. thanks. Have you tried the dumplings there?

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                      The Szechwan dumplings are VERY good. You can have as spicy as you'd like orr temper it a bit. They are similar to Chings but in all honesty, for the $ I like 1st Wok better. The place is pretty nasty inside but that doesn't stop me from dining there sometimes. My kids love it and some dishes (ie Orange Beef) just do not seem to travel well.

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                        Who whoa whoa LVI. Are you saying that little place a few doors down from the pet food store has dumpling on par with Ching's? That is a very high compliment. Might be worth a drive by.

                        Interesting that orange beef does not travel well because that is one of the dishes jfood thinks of when he needs to shlep home food and then wait while the little jfoods get their act together. In fact orange beef the next day right out of the fridge is one of jfood's favorites.

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                      The place adamclyde was asking about is Hua Lin, a dirty place that reeks of grease. Szechuan Dynasty is up the road a bit and used to be good especailly for sit-down, but has gone downhill. Having grown up and spending most of my working life in NYC, I can attest that there is a paucity of good Chinese restaurants in Stamford. 1st Wok is OK, but the food lacks flavor. My favorite for take-out is Panda Garden in Bulls Head, around the corner from Home Goods. The food is tender and flavorful but not greasy.

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                        I have never eaten at Panda but I like the Thai places around better. Cleaner food and less grease. Thanks there is a very good one near Monster B's, don't know the name though (Chinese).

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                          What Thai places would you recommend and what dishes have you liked?

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                            Just recently, had Pho at Thai chi Stamford and also some great mini dumplings, chicken with mango. It was clean and decent.

                    3. You should try Pearl East on Summer Street. I haven't been there in a long time, but it was great the last time I went. Plus, half their menu is americanized Chinese food and the other half is the authentic stuff. Don't see that anywhere else around here.

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                        Nope, went downhill big time too. Just ordered tonight. Again, I'm desperate! Food's pretty gloppy and dull. And Szechuan Dynasty I think is the one on Newfield, well, I got a fly in my duck sauce one time. So I dropped them. I'm telling you, Westport has the Little Kitchen, Darien has Ching's Table and Stamford has bupkis.

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                          Where and what is your favorite dish to make?

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                            New Canaan has Ching's Table, not Darien. The town would never let the Lee's leave. Ching's Kitchen is in Darien and also owned by the same owners as Chings Table

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                              Whatever- point is Stamford has nothing decent.

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                                I have also been feeling despondent about lack of good Chinese food in Stamford, but I'll try Uncle Dai's.
                                I used to go to Little Kitchen of Wesport when I lived in Norwalk, and I thought it was wonderful. Uncomfy chairs, but high quality food at good prices.
                                Description at:

                                1. re: Stamford Talk

                                  If you love Little Kitchen (and I do too) then do not go to Uncle Dai's. You will be very disappointed, trust me!

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                                    Little Kitchen is very good Chinese food. But the point of this thread was the OP's question.

                                    Where do YOU go in Stamford for Chinese food, Onoodles?

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                                      I actually replied to the original post on Jan. 14th. I had suggested Pearl East on Summer St. (see above).

                                      I also recently tried China Pavillion on West Broad and thought it was quite good. Yangtze Riverside in Riverside does only take-out, but it's consistently good.

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                                        Is China Pavillion at the same level as Little Kitchen? Uncle Dai's definitely is not.

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                                          Chefmo, I totally agree. Uncle Dai's definitely is not. Unfortunately, I think Little Kitchen is as good as it gets around here. So I don't think China Pavillion is at quite the same level, but for "good" Chinese takeout, it's not bad.

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                                            Had Little Kitchen last night. The General Tzo's was the best i have ever had...high-quality white meat, not over-fried or dry. The Sauteed Chinese Eggplant was tasty and they make great Lo Mein.

                        2. Not only isn't there one in Stamford, there isn't one in the whole state of Connecticut. And for old-fashioned chow mein? Are there any that exist any more now that Tung Hoy in Mamaroneck closed?

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                            I remember Tung Hoy when I was younger, brings back memories. But still want some authentic no msg asian food.

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                              The ONLY place left of which I am aware is King Yum on Union Tpke in Queens. Polynesian decor, the special fried noodles with the Chow Mein, the whole routine. Egg Rolls aren't as good as Tung Hoy's, however, but best Shrimp Toast ever. If you ever go, start with a flaming Mona Loa, and get the Shrimp Soong.

                          2. I'm actually new to posting on this sight..but have been a silent fan for a long time. Panda's on hope street is delicious. I'm surprised I haven't seen them listed. I wasn't crazy about little kitchen is westport. The buffet was not the best and the portion's were very small for the price, on top of that...it wasn't that tasteful.

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                              Hunan Spring on Hope by Pudgies is actually very good if youy eat there. I have tried all of these places numerous times (in Stamford) and Hunan Spring seems to be the best, especially if you eat there.

                            2. There are only a few Chinese place i would eat at in Stamford, none are really eat in. The place on West Broad is, mention here, China Pavilion, is actually fresh and clean and tasty, which I would say is distinctly different from most Chinese places in Stamford. Uncle Dia's, mentioned here I have eaten at, but did not find the food tasting very "fresh". There was a place in Darien and in Riverside I would go to occasionally. I have to admit that I would rather have an adventure and go to Mee on the West side in the city.

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                                Mee on 53rd & 9th is my fave for take out. They make great noodle dishes and they are cheap. Just had my fix last week!

                              2. I have to agree with Jfood. I haven't found a good Chinese restaurant in Stamford. Your best bet is to go to New Canaan and get Chings Table!

                                1. I gave up on Chinese food in Stamford. Head to Greenwich. For take out and dim sum on weekends, try Hunan Cafe on E Putnam in Greenwich. For sit down, I go to Hunan Gourmet near Whole Foods in Greenwich. Both are decent.

                                  1. I actually ordered Chinese food for dinner tonight and decided to try Fuji again since I have had sushi there a few times and have eaten and taken out from there before. The food was really really good and there was a lot of it as well. It was very delicious and I think that I will be ordering from here from now on. I haven't seen anyone else saying anything about this place. Has anyone else had food from here before? It is on 94 Bedford St right next store to a nail salon. The food was delivered in a half hour and was still very warm and very fresh. I had a dish with a lot of seafood in it and the fish was all fresh tasting and very yummy!!

                                    1. I live in Stamford and struggle with finding good
                                      Chinese weekly- if we have the time we go to
                                      Sushi 25 in New Canaan- which is hands down
                                      some of the best Chinese I have had. Please let
                                      me know if you find anything else in Stamford.

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                                        jfood has sushi 25 3-5 times per month, love it. But if you want to try something even more special try Ching's Table around the corner up near the fire station. The same owners as Sushi 25.

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                                          What about the new republic grill on Bedford st - heard its good from a freind

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                                              Have done takeout, so really not fair. However, their steamed dumplings are heavy and pad thai lifeless. I think one peanut was crushed for the entire dish for two. Big portions, to be sure, but any place that purports to do Chinese, Japanese, and Thai gourmet as a "bistro" is likely a b.s-tro. Not one original entry on the menu. As in most (what they call in the Midwest) "oriental" places, there is a lack of warmth and hospitality.

                                              The decor is very stylish and rich. Executed with more taste and style than the menu, I fear.

                                              Alas, Stamford is a Chinese disaster zone. But Darien is not far.
                                              For the best "non-gloppy" it's Ray's in Rye Brook, but that's 20 minutes down the Merritt. Their sauted asparagus and chicken is heavenly and healthy. Plus they smile.

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                                              I LOVE Republic Grill. It's a little pricey but you get a lot of food. Their chicken spring roll is excellent and the duck sauce they give you has a little kick to it. I like that you can get chinese food and thai food. I also like Dynasty Szcheuan on Newfield Ave. Their sushi is really good. Pearl East is my standby for chinese food while Kampei I use for sushi. People at work seem to like Blue Ginger but I can't remember the exact street. I do know that it's in a shopping center across from Shop Rite on Shippan Ave. I think it used to be Mandarin Gourmet which I heard was NOT good at all.

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                                                Kampei is not a place I would go any more, their quality, to me, has gone way down hill. Pearl East has been hit or miss, plus I witnessed an very poor customer relations exchange between the manager (owner?) and a customer that left a bad taste in my mouth. Their food was excellent when I have gone there though. I have now been to republic grill and enjoyed there offerings and I also tried Duo during the restaurant week and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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                                                  Kampei was my go-to sushi place 5 years ago.....and then I found a staple in my sushi.

                                                  1. re: PaulaT

                                                    Totally agree with you. Kampei is not what it used to be. They are cheap, however there is nothing innovative about their food. Duo on the other hand is a little pricey, but the quality justifies it. And the restaurant week menu was totally awesome!!!

                                          1. I went to Sushi 25 today in New Canaan- it is by far the best Chinese in the area. I have ate at most all in Stamford, and this is worth the short drive. Take the back roads from Stamford and its as quick as going to the mall- but so much better! Hope this helps... Please keep me posted if anyone finds anything in Stamford or Greenwich.

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                                              glad you tried and enjoyed sushi 25. It probably feeds at least one of the jfoods 10 times a month.

                                              Now for some good news. The same family owns Ching's around the corner and it is as good in some dishes, and even better in others.

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                                                I went to Ching's Kitchen in Darien last Friday night and I really liked the place! I went with 4 other people and we had the waiter order us 4 appetizers of his choice and then we all ordered dinner. All of the appetizers were amazing!! I had a dinner special of all kinds of fish in a curry sauce which was spicey but good. And everyone loved what they had there as well. I would definitely try there again.

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                                                  Ok, since the last post I have seriously done my homework...I AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT STAMFORD HERE. The most enjoyable chinese food is at the following two locations:
                                                  1. Hunan Spring on Hope street across from Trips, Pudgies, Liquor store- MUST EAT THERE- for some reason, when hunan delivers the food literally gets even more soggy and losses even more taste than most places that deliver...when you eat there, the food is really, really good, try any of their spicy chicken specials, appetizers, and mixed drinks. Unfortunatelly the place is sort of depressing, but cleanish in comparison to alot of chinese joints in the area
                                                  2. FIRST WOK- on Glenbrook Rd, across from Monster B's, Harry Happy House, Sport N Life pets. This place, believe it or not, has the tastiest chinese food in Stamford. It looks dumpy, it is tiny, and it took me almost two years before I even tried it (and only because I got so many reccomendations from people in Darein and New Canaan!) This place is great, especially if you eat there or pcik up on your own (only 10 minute wait). Again, necer as good when delivered. Their shredded chicken in any sauce is delicious, they use very fresh vegtables which makes a big difference in any dish. Fried squid is great, the sauce is delicious. The pork egg foo young with mushrooms is the best egg foo I have ever had (you have to ask for msuhrooms) Justy go

                                                  1. re: mattczap

                                                    Conspicuous by its absence in this discussion of Asian in Stamford is Plateau, a wonderful restaurant, both in cuisine and ambiance. Best dishes for me include Asian Greens (unusual veggies) Peking Pork Chops, and Tamarind Prawns.

                                                    Doesn't anybody around Stamford know of this great place?

                                                    1. re: menton1

                                                      Yes I think it is good but too expensive. We want to save right know with lovely economy.

                                                      1. re: menton1

                                                        Great food, but I agree it's a bit on the pricey side. We do takeout from there about once a month.

                                                        1. re: gbm

                                                          It sounds like customer service is an issue in this thread

                                                          (ie smiling vs rushing people)

                                                          would you return to an OK Chinese restaurant if they had great customer service? and/or would you frequent a good one even if the CS was poor?

                                                          (ex stamford/greenwich/norwalk native)

                                                          1. re: sugarsnapp

                                                            For great take-out and fresh ingredients: HAU LIN on Hope Street (CVS shopping center). Their House Special soup is chock-a-block full of everthing and their eggplant with garlic sauce is verrry good. The decor is scary, but everything is light and tasty, fresh and un-gloppy. Every time we order, we say wow, this is different and yummy.

                                              2. Hunan Spring in Glenbrook is very good. it looks like a complete dive, but the food is very tasty. Several of our Asian friends introduced us to the place and it's great. The one caveat is that i have never actually ordered from the menu. They feed us the real stuff. Hunan Cafe in Wilton has very good pork buns.
                                                Ching's table is ok, but get's pretty pricey. I like Sushi 25, for both the sushi and the regular chinese menu items. We all have our preferences.

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                                                  Chinese Mirch on Atlantic Street also doesn't use MSG and it also claims the same on its menu, one of the first Chinese Restaurants I have seen which actually claims they don't use MSG. Tried the food and it was great experience. Braised Bokchow was awesome.

                                                2. Tried Hunan Spring... the food was worse than the steps we almost tripped on walking into the place...

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                                                    The same family that owns Ching's in New Canaan owns Penang in Greenwich. Both terrific, Penang (surprisingly for Greenwich) is quite a bargain. Not greasy, great flavors, some innovative dishes.

                                                  2. Try Little Kitchen in Westport on the Post Road next to Golds and AAA. Not traditional, but very good, in fact, great for CT, and only mildly unreasonably expensive.

                                                    Little Kitchen
                                                    423 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880