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Dec 7, 2007 07:54 AM

Good food after midnight?

A couple of my friends from NYC are coming into town this evening, getting into Back Bay Station at midnight. They'll probably be hungry. What sort of host would I be if I didn't have a nice late night spot in mind for them? I'm looking for a restaurant/bar that serves good (doesn't have to be great) food after midnight in the Back Bay/South End area. I've seen Stella, Gaslight and Rocca mentioned in other boards, but I'd prefer not to go that far considering how little time we'll have. All suggestions are much appreciated!!

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  1. Those places aren't that far from Back Bay. I was gonna suggest Franklin which serves til 1. Maybe Saint, or something like Bar 10 in the Westin or City Bar in the Lenox would still be serving.

    1. Anchovies is very close to Back Bay Station, serves until 12:30 or 1. It is a divey kind of place with a good sized bar that serves inexpensive Italian food.

      1. Caveats: call to confirm these are still offering late night food -- lots of places abandon the idea after a while -- and when the kitchen closes. These hours only apply on weekend nights. I don't recommend the food at all of these places, but it's tough to be choosy late-night in Boston:

        Back Bay: bar at Bonfire 1:30a, bar at Brasserie Jo 1a, Bukowski 1a, Douzo (right next door) 1a, Parrish Cafe 1a, Rustic Kitchen 1:30a, Summer Shack 1a, Bristol Lounge 1:30a.

        South End: Franklin Cafe 1:30a, Anchovies 1:30a, Pho Republique 1a, Stella 1:30a, Beehive 1:30a, Toro 1a.

        Downtown: Silvertone 1:30a, Good Life 1:30a, bar at Mantra 1a, Felt 1:30a

        Chinatown (some may stay open later, but 2am is pretty typical): Apollo Grill, Imperial Seafood, Chau Chow City, New Jumbo, Kaze, Ocean Wealth, Peach Farm.

        Leather District/Waterfront: Les Zygomates 1a, South Street Diner 24hrs, News Cafe
        4a, Miel 4a.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Thanks for the suggestions everybody - I think I might try Brasserie Jo - I didn't know it was open that late, might be perfect! Is that a "late night" menu or does it have a late night menu?

          1. re: chowdahound

            It's a limited menu served at the bar only. I'd call to check on the kitchen's last call; it's been a while since I had a late nosh there.

          2. re: MC Slim JB

            Great list! Worth keeping!

            I'll add an unusual suggestion for Ms Fussy me. For drinks and nibbles I will take visitors to the Top of the Hub and they are open late. They have Jazz and orientation views. And, you can walk there from BB Station through Copley and the PRU without going outside if it's a nasty night.

            From their website- (but I would call to confirm)
            Top of the Hub Restaurant hours
            Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner with the kitchen serving continuously from 11:30am - 1:00am and Sunday brunch beginning at 11:00am.

            1. re: BostonZest

              I keep hearing that patrons of the Top of the Hub are treated like cattle, not seated at window tables even when they're available, and served middling, expensive food. It's been a long time since I risked a place like this, but again, if you're looking for late-night options, you can't be too choosy.

              1. re: MC Slim JB

                fwiw, I had lunch there on Saturday afternoon and the service was great. They sat dc and myself at a booth and then offered to move us to a window table when one became available without us asking. The food, as expected, was good and overpriced. We didn't feel ripped off considering that the skywalk costs $12 a person. For the same price at Top of the Hub you can get the view and a decent cocktail.

            2. re: MC Slim JB

              Even though Les Zyg is open late, I'm pretty sure the kitchen closes ~10pm. I've lost out on a few occasions!

            3. Bricco on Hanover St in the North End serves late!

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                I haven't been back to Bricco in a while, as I think it got too expensive, and I haven't admired its newer chefs nearly as much as long-gone Marissa Iocco, who's at South End Buttery now. But last I looked, Bricco only served pizza after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, when the crowd changes over to more of a nightclub scene favored by the North Shore "leather blazers and gold chains" set that I remember from upstairs at its sister club Umbria.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Lucca also serves their bar menu late.

                  1. re: phatchris

                    north end is a bit of a haul at that time of night, especially if in a taxi trying to dodge club-goers.