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Dec 7, 2007 07:54 AM

Inexpensive but nice wedding dinner near White House

My fiance and I are having a small (15-20 people) wedding ceremony in January at the Willard Hotel which is near the White House. Does anyone have recommendations for inexpensive but nice restaurants to dine in after the wedding? We'd like to stay within walking distance. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Please define inexpensive. Since this is a wedding, that can mean different things to different people. A price range per person would help a lot.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      $50 per person or less, including alcohol. Thanks.

    2. Close by is Les Halles. It's not the best bistro in the world, but their prices are reasonable and - why I thought of it - they have a nice private room that would fit everyone comfortably, and they don't charge you to rent it so long as you spend a certain amount. I don't remember what the amount is, but it's very reasonable.

      A wedding at the Willard? How I envy you!

      That also brings to mind that the Willard just opened a lower-priced restaurant, Cafe du Parc. It might be worth checking out. The Willard is gorgeous, so it might be nice to spend more time there.

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        I love the Cafe du Parc idea. Thanks for the tip!

      2. Both Butterfield 9 and Ceiba are nearby and have privat rooms. Both have great food and a nice atmosphere. Worth checking would have to probably check with the restaurants though if they are within your price range since it might change for a private room etc.

        1. The Bombay Club is lovely, elegant and affordable. Definitely in your price range. Piano music too. Your party could have semi-private seating there.

          1. Also if the above options are too pricey I know Old Ebbits does a lot of this type of thing and may be a little cheaper (or not).

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              I don't know guys, I'm doing the math, and I'm not getting the same places you are.

              $50 all inclusive means about $30 for food, a single inexpensive glass of wine, plus tax and tip.

              Assuming "dinner" means "appetizer, entree, dessert", there's no place in that area where you can get a 3-course meal for $30, sorry. All of the places named in this thread will go at least $10-$20/person over that threshhold. Unless you skip the appetizer and dessert, and just get an entree. Then you're probably fine.

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                The OP can call the resto's to discuss their financial parameters and see if they can come up with a menu. With that size crowd it's certainly a possibility.