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Dec 7, 2007 07:36 AM

upscale restaurant help in GT

My boss wants a recommendation for a good restaurant within 3 blocks of the georgetown 4 seasons. he wanted to do La Chaumiere but it isn't open sundays. Something comparable to that in price would be fine. He thinks Citronelle would be too expensive. It doens't have to be french.

and...let me know how much it costs.

I need to keep on-topic on this one...since it has to match what he asked for.



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  1. 2 places come to mind--Hook and Fahrenheit (in the Ritz). Both are very good moderate to expensive (but not at the Citronelle level).

    1. Within three blocks? That doesn't give a lot of wiggle room, since there is really nothing east of the four seasons.

      Is this dinner just for him, or a business meeting? Because Citronelle has a more affordable menu in the bar area, and that way he can enjoy the excellent food for a lower price. But if it's a business meeting, that's probably not the ideal place.

      If he likes seafood, Sea Catch would be fairly close.

      1. What about 1789? That is always on the list of classic DC restaurants and a personal fave for a nice occasion. Jackets required! It's probably a little more than 3 blocks from the 4 seasons but worth it. I have walked there from the Foggy Bottom metro with no problem. And...if you order before 6:45 you can get the early bird menu which is about $39 for 3 courses. Otherwise, it's about 10 for apps and between 20-35 for a main course and probably around 10 for dessert. But the entire experience -- service, atmosphere and of course food -- is top notch. They do have free valet if you are driving.

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          Thanks guys. info forwarded. I'm done. heh.

        2. How about the Blue Duck Tavern on 24th and M?

          1. Marcel's is just a few blocks down Pennsylvania Ave. from there (at 24th or so). A little more expensive than La Chaumiere, but not as expensive as Citronelle.