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Dec 7, 2007 07:35 AM

Best Restaurant for Private Table for 40th?

It is my husband's 40th and have 14 people. I was thinking about catering a dinner at home, but it may prove too expensive and too difficult. Also thinking about a private room--i called Blackbird, as I wanted to use theirs upstairs--what is more perfect than a private room with its own bar/bartender and the best innovative food in Chicago (while still being elegant but not stuffy)?! Well, they are booked that night in January. Any other thoughts?

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  1. What about Sepia? They have 2 great semi-private "rooms" (read "tables") tucked away in the back corners of the restaurant. They look like so much fun! Not sure if either could seat 14, but it's worth a call to ask.

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      1. I once went with my company to the private room at one sixty blue. I thought it was a great space and I love their food, consider it.

        1. Red Light has a nice upstairs private room, but a little big for 14.
          Naha has a great semi-private area and is one of my favorites and totally fits your elegant but not stuffy.
          Rumba is really fun and has alcoves as well.
          All the steak houses will accomodate you.

          1. I mentiond this recently on another post, but you may not want to give up on the catering just yet. We had an engagement party recently and found Fig Catering to be very open-minded in terms of budget. We handled alcohol on our own so you can also control costs that way.

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              thanks, what appetizers did you like the best? what was your menu?

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                We loved the quesadillas, the spring rolls, the warm and cold Italian samplers....pretty much everything we requested for the tasting we ended up enjoying and having served at our party. We were hosting a cocktail party so we did not serve a full dinner.