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Dec 7, 2007 07:22 AM

North Shore: 1640 Hart House or other ideas?

Any feedback on the "1640 Hart House" in Ipswich?

Looking for good food in Essex or Ipswich but not Woodmans, Farnhams, Lewis', Clam Box... we'll try those tomorrow. Want something more upscale but not 'break the bank'.

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  1. FYI - Clam Box closes this Sunday.

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    1. re: Newburyport John

      That's why we're goin' to the Clam Box on Saturday, John! :o) On Sunday they don't order new food they just open at 11:30am and close when they've sold out!

    2. My husband's best friend and band mate lives across the street from the 1640 Hart House, and we do his bday there every year. The food is VERY good. The menu is seasonal, and I have not been since the summer - but everything is very good. I am blanking on the wine right now - but I remember my last visit we had both white and red bottles circulating the table - oh wait a minute - I think we actually had the Cakebread Chard - very good, obviously - and a great syrah - cannot remember which. The service was fabulous although we were actually in the private room upstairs, which was delightful. The bar is fun... I give it two thumbs up.

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      1. re: Small Plates

        Skip the Hart House, way past it's time. Duckworth in Gloucester, Blue Basil in Rowley, Ithaki in Ipswich, Stone Soup in Ispwich (if you can get in), Zabagloine in Ipswich are all good quality places.

        You should put the Causway in Gloucester on your list way before Woodman's. I wouldn't go to Woodmans even if I was starving.

        1. re: treb

          I totally disagree. The hart house is excellent, it easily has the nicest bar in Ipswich and the north shore and the food is really good. I had an awesome glass of viogner the last time i went and a really good hot oyster appetizer. I grew up in Ipswich but live and work in boston now but i try to make it back to the Hart House every time i go home. The building itself is beautiful as well. The bar is very classy and cozy with giant leather chairs and the dining rooms are all very unique with fireplaces in almost all of them i think. I dont know what Treb is talking about because i have been going to the hart house for years and it was nothing compared to the great place it is now.

          1. re: RazorClamsrgreat

            So help me here... other than an oyster app. which doesn't sound too interesting, you have not mentioned anything about the menu or quality of food. Hmmm.... I can't count the wine either, anyone can pour a glass of viogner (which I particuarly like). The places I mentioned don't have fireplaces etc. but they have excellent chefs. I admire your coment on the charm of the building, and agree, but charm doesn't get me going back if the food is not outstanding.

          2. re: treb

            Blue Basil in Rowley closed about two years ago. There's a Thai restaurant, Royal Orchid, in that spot now.