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Dec 7, 2007 07:22 AM

Limpa, vortelimpa, and kardamommekakor in NYC and New Jersey

Does anyone know where I could buy limpa, vortelimpa, and kardamommekakor in NYC and New Jersey please? And for that matter, Karjalan piirakkat? I tried Leske's bakery in Brooklyn for the first three items, but they told me that none of them are available. Thanks!

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  1. Try contacting the Embassy. What do you have to lose?
    Embassy of Sweden
    2900 K Street, NW
    Washington DC 20007

    Tel: +1-202-467 2600
    Fax: +1-202-467 2699


    1. I did not notice your post before, but decided to chime in anyway, a little late:

      In Manhattan, the Swedish church at 48 Street might have some of those goodies.

      Also, Scandinavia House might be a source at Christmas time. (both for those Swedish items, and the Finnish karjalanpiirakka pies. Call them and ask).

      There is often a Finnish Chrismas sale @ Estonia house (38th streeet, if I remember correctly, but that is probably already done... not sure.

      Here are some links, maybe they can be of help:



      This Finnish baker, in Port Washington, NY, ships breads, but I do not know if he makes karjalanpiirakka -Karelian pies.
      e-mail him and ask:

      Or maybe you can contact the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, to ask if there are any bake sales in the NY & NJ area.
      I found their link to a bake sale in LA, but that does not help you.

      1. They always have limpa bread at Leske's; I'm there all the time. But perhaps it's something else you're after. (I'm no expert on Scandinavian food.)

        Also in Bay Ridge, a couple of blocks from Leske's is a "deli," whose name is escaping me just now. Something and Something. Both "M" names. One Irish, one Swedish. They have lots of imported stuff, plus some from Midwestern/Minnesota producers. Good luck.

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