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Dec 7, 2007 07:06 AM

Chow-worthy in Brandon?

I've heard Della's is good and Saigon Corner too. Does anyone know about Sister & Sister soul food?

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  1. Kabuki on 60 a few doors down from Outback. the freshest sushi!!! The rolls are to die for. When i lived in Brandon, i was there 3-4 times a week. Say hi to Young...

    1. Where is Saigon Corner??

      I haven't been to Della's in a few years, but it was excellent.

      1. Della's is great, haven't been to Saigon Corner. Haven't heard of Sister and Sister, either! Pacific Grill on Lithia Pinecrest (technically Valrico) has excellent curry, I'm not so crazy about their sushi, I prefer Tsunami. Sorry this isn't the most helpful post, I'm just happy to see my hometown on here!

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          I haven't heard of Sister and Sister or Saigon Corner either? I also love Dellas for lunch or dinner. I have never tried Kabuki, but I hear good things about it. I really enjoy the food at Otoole's Irish Pub on SR60. Very well prepared good food!

        2. My friend Dave wrote this: "A new Vietnamese/Asian restaurant has just opened in Brandon. It is located at 518 Oakfield Drive, just off Kings.

          They have your typical Vermicelli soup dishes that you would expect from a Vietnamese restaurant. They have other dishes like Singapore Beef and Lo Mein that fall under the Chinese category.

          They have 2 items that might fall more under delicacy, and I'll use that term loosely -
          Noodle soup with sliced beef, brisket, and tripe and there is a Durian smoothie."

          Another question: is there any good Indian food in Brandon?

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            I have tried Saigon Corner on two occasions, both times service was mediocre at best(the waitress seemed more interested in socializing in the kitchen). The Pho was ok and the Saigon Shaking Beef was unimpressive. Food wasn't bad, but wasn't anything to write home about.

          2. I'm usually pretty startled at how delicious the rack of ribs is/are when I pop in to
            Down To The Bone BBQ at Kings and 60... Next to CVS...
            They're as good as I need ribs to be...

            Real nice folks too...

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            1. re: Mild Bill

              do the ribs fall off the bone there?

              1. re: travelnfood

                Yes, but to the right degree...
                I think ribs can be too soft, and I'm sure some people might think that's 'fall off the bone'...