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Dec 7, 2007 07:00 AM

90th Birthday Celebration- Oakbrook Area

Hoping my Chowers can make some suggestions. My MIL is turing 90 next month. My BIL was in charge and things have gone south pretty fast. We are looking for a place to accomodate 30 guests, ranging from 90 to 2 years old, for a dinner. Casual dining, not super expensive. Maggianos is booked for the date we are looking at.

Can anyone help step up from the bowling alley my BIL has booked? (Insert you comment here).

Many thanks in advance

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    Don't let the Mid Eastern tag fool anyone who is not familiar into thinking this place is Indian, or something exotic, and too spicy. This place serves up some very good grilled meats / fish / shish kebabas lightly spiced with lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. I highly rec this place all the time for something a little different, but with plenty of food for the non-too adventurous. Not too pricey at all, either. Prob prices right in the Maggiano's range if you were looking there. I'm not sure what the private room is like in the Oak Brook location. If you're around, check it out if the menu on the site interests you.
    And really, if you're not familiar with "Persian" food as Reza's bills itself, it is very lightly spiced. I would highly doubt anyone would be turned off by the spice levels in most of the grilled meats / shish kebabs.

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      I enjoyed a very generous rack of lamb at Reza's not long ago that came with a huge side of couscous on a seperate plate. My 2 fellow diners had the lunch buffet, one is vegetarian and very easily found food to her liking and the other enjoyed a bit of everything. Don't know if they have a private room though, the original in Chicago does.

    2. Try Finley's Grill Room on Finley Road just a tad south of Butterfield. They have a private room where we had my daughter's bridal shower. Good food and good prices, in my opinion.

      1. Greek Islands in Lombard has good food at moderate prices and works very well for family groups.

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          Has anyone heard of or been to Macks Golden Phesant? One the website it looks like a 50's throw back, where you get the chopped liver with crackers as soon as you sit down. Lots of wood paneling. It's in Elmhurst (where she spent 55 years of her life). She would like to go there, and they are open for our date. Any reviews? Remember the audience is elderly. I bet they "make a good drink: aka "Strong".

          Thanks for all your suggestions, I will present them to the board!

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            Mack's would be a good choice... especially if it's after January 1st, when the non-smoking law goes into effect. I'd gone there for the first time about 30 years ago, so it's possible that it was there when she lived in Elmhurst. It's now run by the son & daughter-in-law of the original owners. The food is decent, more of an old-school type of restaurant. We've dined there often and there always seems to be a lot of elderly there. The only possible problem I could foresee would be having to walk through the bar to get to the restaurant, however as I stated earlier, it may not be a problem if the birthday celebration is after January 1st. If possible, try to get an area near the back of the restaurant where there's a large window looking out to the garden area. Oh, also, Mack's has $1 drafts of all beers on Wednesday & Friday - good variety too!

            If Mack's doesn't work out, another good option may be Ki's on North Avenue in Glen Ellyn/Glendale Heights. Similar to Mack's, but a step up. Hope all works out and that she enjoys her 90th!

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              Thanks so much, we live far away but stopped this weekend. I felt like a 10 year old going to a fancy "supper" with my grandparents! The back is available and only has one step down, with lots of windows and a fireplace. Seems like a winner. We talked to my MIL about the place and she said that she use to go there with my FIL. She would prefer that to the bowling alley idea her favorite son booked. So we found a place! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I will give it a full review in January.....