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Dec 7, 2007 06:58 AM

Dining at Babbo/August without reservations?

Need some guidance on what the chances are of getting a table for two at Babbo or August on a Friday night -- two Fridays from now, to be precise?

Have a late reservation at Market Table for Thursday night (after my Pitt Panthers take down Duke at MSG) and a mid-evening reservation at Crispo on Friday, but would quickly bag Crispo if I felt it was possible to get a table for two -- or a bar seat -- without a reservation at Babbo or August, particularly after 7:00. With the kids, don't mind eating at 5:30. But with two days to get away adults only, really would like to eat at an adult hour (although beggars can't be choosy, I know). Any thoughts are very welcome.

Also, what's the dress like at Market Table? Would a dressed-up jeans look pass?

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  1. Dressed up jeans are perfect for Market Table. Went recently, The food was very good..not knock your socks off amazing..but still very good.

    I actually like Crispo a little bit better.

    As for Babbo thats always a crap shoot especially on the weekend. You can snag Bar Seats if you are patient. It can be cramped but the seats in front by the window arent too bad. Try to call and check for cancellations if they are booked that night...I've grabbed a table a few times using that method...

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      Thanks very much. And, actually, I'm a putz, 'cause I just called August and they had a reservation for two, so I took it.

      Also planning on hitting Una Pizza Napoletana right at 5:00 on Thursday and then Casa Mono for lunch on Friday.