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Dec 7, 2007 06:32 AM

1st Date: $35 max. Lunch nr. Bowery+Houston

So I've got an afternoon (first) date tomorrow, going to check out The New Museum on Bowery+Prince and grab lunch somewhere in the vicinity (EV/SoHo/Nolita/what have you). Something kind of cheap - no more than $35 or so out the door, and I'd be much happier keeping it around $20 - but maybe tucked away for a little foodie credibility. Suggestions?

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  1. freemans is around the corner from the museum...they serve lunch with a few of their awesome brunch items. id go there...or bread on spring...or cafe habana but i havent been there in years because of the wait.

    1. In that area, I recommend Bread (Spring b/n Elizabeth & Mott) for a first date. If you go, don't miss the tomato soup.

      1. I would have gone to Congee Bowery, just south of Rivington. Where did you go, and how was it?

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          We weren't terribly hungry and just wanted something quick, walked up to Thompson Cafe where I've always been happy with soups, sandwiches and smoothies. I'll be back for more suggestions in the future...but when I have a date with someone else :P

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            Little Italy has fantastic lunch deals - $10 for basic chicken or veal dishes.

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              Where, and which places do you like?