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Dec 7, 2007 06:07 AM

First trip to Blue Hill - must-haves?

My wife and I are going to Blue Hill tomorrow night for her birthday. I realize the menu probably changes a bit, but are there any must haves that are standards (a la trout appetizer at Telepan).


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  1. It's been several years since we had dinner at Blue Hill NYC*, so I can't suggest anything on the current menu with one exception. The chocolate bread pudding is a signature dish, and it is seriously delicious!

    (*Note: We had dinner at Blue Hill @Stone Barnes in June. Sensational!)

    1. Anything with their farm egg, anything with pork, and anything with lamb. The times I've had Blue Hill dishes with any one of those items, they have been outstanding.

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        I second the egg, pork, and lamb options. Blue Hill also does great things with fruit and vegetables, although the selection may be limited now b/c of season.

        1. re: jdmetz

          I also agree with the egg, pork and lamb, but my best meals at both Blue Hills' have been when I let the chef do the picking.

          Are you going to the GV location, or Stone Barns? and will Dan be in the kitchen?

          If you let them know you are celebrating your wife's birthday, they will do something special. (I'd call it in ahead.)

          1. re: ChefJune

            We're going to the NYC location. I already spoke to them about the birthday. Thanks!

            I'll report back.