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Dec 7, 2007 05:49 AM

Fun 'n festive in Wmsbrg/Greenpoint?

I'm planning an early dinner for a friend's birthday on Saturday before the 7:30 show at Warsaw in Greenpoint. Any suggestions for fun, festive restaurants in the area? The friend loves Mexican margarita mills, if there are any of those around. Food doesn't have to top-notch -- we want it to be good, but we're mainly looking for a fun atmosphere. There'll just be a few of us and we'll be early, so it doesn't have to be a huge place. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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  1. I highly recommend Taco Chulo for mexican. They have excellent marinated meat tacos and guac, as well as the drinks you mentioned...but all unique and with excellent ingedients. Not a 'mill'. Some find their menu limited, but what they do they do very well. In NYC mexican is a problem, and this is my 2d favorite in the area and the best in BYLYN in my opinion.

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      Cannot agree on Taco Chulo -- in fact I find it actively bad.

      Fun-festive-margaritas I would recommend Elote on Union btwn Powers and Grand. (3 blocks S of Lorimer L / Metropolitan G, Union Ave exit.)

      You can definitely get in. I've only eaten delivery but the food is solid to good. And looking in the window, they have a pretty great tequila selection.

      Only other decent restaurant Mexican in the neighborhood -- there are several decent bodega taquerias -- is Bonita. They have some good menu items, but I don't think they sell liquor.

    2. Radegast Hall Beer Garden just opened. It's definitely fun and festive... though it's likely to be slammed.

      North 3rd @ Berry.

      1. I had good food at Santa Fe this summer. It's on Union near Hope, and they have great margaritas--made to order (no vile sour mix). The inside is a little dark and cramped, and the patio is the better bet, but the waitress was attentive and knowledgeable, and it was an all around pleasant evening.

        It's in the same space where Hope and Union the brunch place used to be, so it's small, but fun.

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        1. re: corgette

          Sounds as if this place changed hands.

          366 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

          1. re: squid kun

            Drat. I was looking forward to going back there when the weather got nice. Thanks for the info.

            1. re: corgette

              Suggested Elote in my prev post (above). It's the same owners. Name changed.

              Menu similar, if slightly improved IMO. I've tried a couple items but everything I've eaten has been solid to good.

              Bad location. Sante Fe was a bad name (cliche) so hopefully Elote will turn the trick. The owners seem like nice people so I hope they make it.

              1. re: Jack Barber

                I'm glad to hear any changes have been improvements, and I'll have to check it out when I get some actual downtime. I don't know if I've seen the owners, but the waitress and bartender when I went were both outgoing, knowledgeable, and incredibly good at their jobs.

                I too hope they make it.

        2. Does Vera Cruz on Bedford still have margaritas? They food there is not top notch, but it is festive.

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            1. re: Jack Barber

              Actually I believe they just reopened. If anyone dares confirm whether or not there food still occupies any notch, top or otherwise, I'd welcome the input.

          1. I know the discussion has centered around Mexican options thus far thanks to the OP's helpful hint, but if you're truly after "fun 'n festive" I don't think you can do much better than Sea within the neighborhoods specified. Though nowhere near top-notch, the food is inexpensive and passable enough if you like Thai, they have a full bar, and the atmosphere manages to be at once energetic and alluring (especially on your first visit). It is a rather huge space, but it's also on the North side of Williamsburg, which will put you quite close to the Warsaw.

            I don't love recommending the place and they certainly don't need the business, but it might be the right fit for this situation.

            Sea Thai
            114 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211