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When Pigs Fly -- Davis Square -- opens Saturday

I understand that there will be a When Pigs Fly retail outlet opening next to Kickass Cupcakes on Saturday. They are not baking on premises, but rather bringing down bread from the mother ship in York, Maine. It will be interesting to see how they do ... I'm not sure that folks will make a special trip there when you can buy their (very good) bread in many local supermarkets.

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  1. Yeah, since they aren't making the bread there, I don't see the point of opening the place, since their bread is sold all over the Boston area already.

    1. My guess is that they will be carrying a much larger selection of bread and baked products than the small displays that are usually available in the grocery store. It will also probably be a lot fresher, since there is not middle man distribution chain of the grocery store hubs.

      Maybe they can teach Kick@$$ to make a proper sized cupcake :)

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        Their retail store on Rt 1 in York, ME is unbelievable - carries 20 or so different breads and a great line of sauces and preserves. Many exotic breads, like olive and roasted pepper, chocolate, orange/pistachio/cranberry. Copious free samples, too. If the Somerville store is anything like this, it will become a chow destination.

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          Yes, I expect the draw will be the selection. When they sold at the farmer's market downtown this summer, they had many breads not available at Whole Foods, etc., such as a mango-pineapple-sesame seed bread that was fantastic. The prices ran $5 to $7, I believe. Given the size of the loaves and quality of ingredients, I found the prices to be fair.

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            They should pump in the smell of bread baking somehow. That would draw ME in. For the record -- I really enjoy their bread and will certainly stop in.

            Does anyone know if they make a decent baguette? It's such a guilty pleasure for me... cheese, wine, baguette. Mmmm. I'd be excited if I didn't have to drive to Formaggio for a fresh B&R bread.

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              No, they don't do baguettes as far as I have ever seen. However, if I have inferred correctly, yumyum, you live in the vicinity of the Wine and Cheese Cask and Savenor's on Kirkland. The latter carries the B&R baguette as well as the Clear Flour baguette, and the former carries the Clear Flour baguette. Personally, I prefer the Clear Flour baguette to B&R, but both are excellent. I hope my inferring your general locale does not seem stalker-ish. It shouldn't.

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                Oh no worries ... yes, I do live close to that area and I appreciate the tip. Thanks bella!

          2. Are their supermarket prices in line with the (very high) prices on their website: http://www.sendbread.com/ ? Not quite as bad as http://www.chowhound.com/topics/466410 , but still, an $8 loaf of bread? I hope that the prices at the shop are more reasonable.

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              A friend of mine saw their loaves being sold at some market for $4 the other day. I don't remember which market it was, but at least they weren't going for $6.50 to 8.50, which seems ridiculous to me.

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                the super markets (for the most part) carry 4-5 types of their bread and all their lower priced stuff at that (THE $4 stuff) they high end ($$$) stuff is mostly from their own locations and on line (the $8 stuff)

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                The in-store prices are much more reasonable. The website seems to price in about 2 bucks a loaf for shipping and handling.

              3. We stopped in tonight, just before their grand opening closing time (7:30pm). Normal hours will be 7 days a week, 10-6. Glad we did - just as foonfan and bella sarda stated earlier, varieties of bread (plus olive oil, balsamic, and hot pepper jelly - they will be sampling them next week) not available at Whole Foods. They were sampling all their current breads - we were too full from a post-SOWA-holiday-sale-wine-and-pan-con-tomate-snack at Toro (preceded by a multi-maki lunch at Oishii Too Sudbury - love that shiitake tempura makimono), to sample a broad range but we did have a bite of the chocolate bread, which we both thought delicious (not too sweet with a moist texture; I envision it would be tasty topped with a sliver of your choice of mild semi-hard cheese and a glass of rough red wine). We picked up gorgeous loaves of Banana, Pecan, Maple and Brown Sugar for breakfast tomorrow and a baby spinach (+ other ingredients I cannot recall at the moment) in a flat ciabatta style that will be perfect for our poached salmon+wasabi mayo sandwiches for tomorrow Pats game! $6/loaf. The nice guy working the shop tonight asked us to spread the word - I told him not too worry about that! I have no problem with the breads not being baked on-site. Finally, good bread in Davis (I don't think Dave's doesn't come close). Amen.

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                  Edit - Um, some grammar malfunctions last night when I wrote this up..."I don't think Dave's EVEN comes close."
                  And "not to worry..."


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                    I stopped by today and they did have a French baguette available. They were sampling all of their breads and I had several tasty breads. Picked up a few loaves, including a cinnamon/strawberry loaf that was not overly sweet.

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                    I also tried both the Banana/Pecan/Brown Sugar and Spinach/Garlic/Onion loaves today. Really tasty! I assume they don't open until 10 because the bread is trucked in in the morning--both loaves seemed very fresh. $6 might be a tiny bit steep for a loaf of bread, but in my opinion it's worth it...

                  3. As a quick update, I went with my sweetie yesterday and bought 2 loaves of bread. I picked "Mango, Pineapple, Raisin, with Toasted Sesame and Ginger" and my sweetie got an herbed potato bread (garlic and rosemary, I think). They had samples of all of their breads to try, which had to be at least 20 varieties, including French baguettes. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Many of the breads were wonderfully tasty (I thought the pumpkin bread was good, but had too much orange peel, but the banana & pecan bread was out of this world good!!). Each loaf was $6. The mango bread is chock full of dried fruit, great hearty bread texture, and great flavor (the not too sweet dough balanced the fruit nicely). We had both loaves put through the bread slicer for easier enjoyment later (chicken salad sandwiches on herbed bread, YUM). Over all the experience gets a big thumbs up!

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                      Hint: try that mango/pineapple/etc. bread lightly toasted and spread with cream cheese. Makes an excellent light breakfast.

                    2. So they are carrying other breads that I would not find in Shaws or Whole Foods? I went to the store in Maine and was very impressed with some of the breads!!

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                        Indeed they are. Today I saw, among others: Chocolate, Carrot <s>Cake</s> Bread, Multi-Grain Anadama, Orange Pistachio Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, Baby Spinach-Garlic-Onion Ciabatta, Banana Pecan, Tuscan Tomato, and the Mango bread mentioned above. There were several others - that's just what I remember off the top of my head.

                      2. The bread from the bakery stores is far and above better than what you'll get in the grocery stores. If you've bought it in the stores and found it a bit chewy or not up to par, try the outlet. You won't be disappointed.

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                          I must say that I've been puzzled reading this thread. Whenever we had brought home a loaf from Whole Foods, we found it to be dry like cardboard. It got to the point where I would avoid this brand and go without bread if it was the only choice. I think the pre-slicing interferes with freshness when purchased at a grocery store. I'll have to give the outlet a try based on the love it's getting here...

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                            In the past, I've felt much the same about WPF breads, based on my experience with loaves I'd bought at Shaw's. Their breads tend to be very heavy and substantial, and when they get a little old they're not all that appealing.

                            But the two loaves we bought at the Davis Square shop were WAY WAY WAY better than any of their bread that I've had before - freshness makes all the difference in the world. Give them a try!

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                              Good to know; thanks for the feedback!

                        2. Good points all around. The bread in the store is delicious, fresh, and the selection unbelievable -- i love the olive and red pepper loaf, the chocolate chili was delicious! They will give you samples of everything, so you feel your $5 is a good investment. Freddid asked if it was better than Iggy's -- it's just a different type of bread. They do have plain ol' rye and wheat, but they specialize in fruited/spiced/chunks in your bread bread. I think there's plenty of room in this town for both Iggy's and WPF :) and certainly in my house.

                          1. I've had it from the grocery before and never though it was so great but what they have in the WPF store is so fresh and good. Totally different animal to me. There are also many more flavors than in the grocery stores. I really like the Tuscan Tomato -- big hunks of sundried tomato. I've also gotten the sourdough but there are other sourdoughs I like better. My must next is the one with olives & red pepper. Anyone try their bagette yet? They do truck it in fresh daily and the people who run the store are super nice.

                            1. I've now tried probably 8+ different varieties since they've opened -- needed to bring bread to holiday gatherings, etc, so I had an excuse to go back a few times. All were great, with the exception of their sourdough, which I didn't think was sour enough (wonderful texture, though).

                              My favorites so far are the olive/cherry pepper and the chocolate. The latter has just enough chocolate chunks to keep you interested, and few enough that you feel like another slice won't pack in -too many- calories, so might as well go for it. In other words, don't buy that one if you're not prepared to eat the whole thing!

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                                I recently tried the banana, pecan, maple brown sugar bread and loved it. It's sweet, but still a yeast-based bread (as opposed to a traditional sweet bread). After a couple of days of sitting out, it made for a great french toast.

                                I also liked the Mexican bread, which contains black beans, dried tomatoes and chiles. It's got a real kick to it.

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                                  I'm still dreaming about the chocolate bread, which I sampled in the store but didn't dare buy a loaf since I think I would eat it ALL. Also sampled the Carrot Cake Bread, which hasn't been mentioned here but tastes exactly like it sounds -- a little sweet for my taste, but a nice carrot cake/bread hybrid. I took home a loaf of multigrain because I was trying to be healthy and it was very tasty, but, that chocolate bread...

                                  I thought the samples would be little chunks of the bread that would be out for anyone to take. Instead, you have to ask (but they offered several times while I was in there, including after I had already bought something, and kept saying I could try anything I wanted) and they cut you slices of bread. So if you plan to try more than one or two, ask for tiny pieces.

                                  Next time I have a party, I'm going to buy a loaf of chocolate bread and make chocolate mini-PB&Js, cut into squares like tea sandwiches, for dessert.