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Dec 7, 2007 05:26 AM

2 for 1 at Mo's.

While I'm amused and not a bit unhappy that Mo's in New Rochelle has to resort to the dreaded 'coupons', I'm wondering if I shouldn't take advantage of this offer?

Has anyone been lately? It's the usual, buy one entree, get one of equal or lesser value free offer.

So if I order the $88. porterhouse for two, you think I'll get another $88. porterhouse free?

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  1. Great post delores...It's not a bad spot, truly. I would definately give it a try. (Check out the steak deal you mention as well; it would be fun to see if they accept the coupon for the porterhouse.) When Mo's first opened I was expecting a great deal more than it offered: just a few cuts of beef (not sure of the quality, the word 'prime' was removed from the menu just weeks into its run), no ethnic dishes from Rivera's upbringing, a strange entree page listing dishes I remember seeing on old-guard hotel-restaurant menus, it was all about star power!!! (Mo, of course), and chef Fosina, part of the owning family, who seemed to think this was not a sports bar but a serious steak house (and the initial press ate it up)...Come now, really. I am a booster for revitalizing downtown New Rochelle and Mo's has, I must admit, added some flair...but that's about it. Any other thoughts out there...

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    1. re: gutreactions

      Thanks, gutreactions. I agree on all you say.

      How funny, I just had to go check the dreaded 'coupon', and whaddya know, there's a 'maximum' of $42. How funny.

      Meanwhile, Mo is a friend of a friend of a friend, and is, according to this VERY reliable friend, a really down to earth, nice guy. I imagine he has little, if anything, to do with his restaurant.

      I'll probably give it a shot, though, since NR (at least I think it still does) has free parking after 6:00pm.

      1. re: dolores

        delores, let us know how you make out...P.S. I am a fan.

    2. Where did you get the coupon, dolores?

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      1. re: Reposado

        From my MIL, who got it in the mail.

        1. re: dolores

          Wish I'd gotten a Mo's coupon - worth trying if I had. I did, however, see a Gina Marie's coupon - $10 off - in the Commmunity Coupons booklet Dolores. I'm guessing you won't be using that one. : )

          1. re: laylag

            Stay away!!! Gina Maries is EVIL! :-)

            1. re: SweetPea914

              Thanks for the info, laylag -- interesting to see they are resorting to coupons now.

              1. re: SweetPea914

                I have to agree. I tried it recently and the appetizers were pretty good, but the gravy out of the can that accompanied the overcooked tuna special was more than dissapointing. It was also unpleasant when 4 adults were escorted to a loud and noisy kid-filled room at the back, when there were available tables in the quiet section at the front. It doesn't exactly scream "thanks for trying us."

        2. The original comment has been removed