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Dec 7, 2007 05:13 AM

Kosher turkey v butterball or other

Just noticed Empire kosher turkeys in my supermarket (frozen with all the others).

has anyone tried these and are they better? I don't keep Kosher although was brought up that way so I am not bothered either way. Just wondered about the flavour and tenderness factors.

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  1. Can't speak to Empire but we bought a Rubashkin’s kosher turkey for Tgiving and it was the best ever in 25 years according to DH. The process of koshering is essentially brining, soaking and salting it in water. Be aware that kosher turkeys are usually minimally "groomed", be prepared to remove pin feathers, etc. The strangest thing, though, was that there was no device to secure the legs and 1st tip of wings was already removed. Not a big thing as I have kitchen twine and trussed turkey myself. We don't keep kosher, either, although raised in kosher Orthodox household. The experience made believers out of us (a revelation!), ha-ha!

    1. A kosher turkey (or chicken for that matter) is going to be better generally than Butterball or other mega-commercial operation.
      Me, I opt for a free-range fresh turkey. Next year I hope to find a heritage breed turkey rather than the standard commercial broad breasted white.

      1. Empire is a good brand.

        1. Empire chicken is much tastier than Perdue (which doesn't taste much like chicken to me), so I bet the turkey is good too.

          1. Empire came in first in the CI listings for chicken, so I'd expect their turkeys are also good. If I recall correctly, however, CI basically said that if you brined any chicken (which, as others have mentioned, you don't have to do with the kosher birds), even Perdue (which came in last), you're going to get a pretty good bird.

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              Actually, CI did a turkey tasting as well, and Aaron's Kosher and Butterball were the two popular-priced favorites, both beating Empire Kosher. They seemed surprised at how much they liked the Butterball...

              1. re: Will Owen

                Strangely, my family prefers (fresh and untreated) Butterballs, too...

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                  The last name for Aaron's Kosher is Rubashkin, the turkey we had for Tgiving. The day after we bought it, I watched the Today Show and they said it beat the Butterball as well, coming out #1.