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Dec 7, 2007 04:44 AM

two nights in baltimore. where to eat.

I have two days in baltimore. I need some good suggestions. oysters and crabs for lunch? nice table, exciting menu and wine list for dinner? where should I consider. thanks for the help!

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  1. I'll take on the lunch question. One good bet is the Lexington Market. In the west end of the market is Faidley's Seafood. A quick search on here should give you plenty of info. Bottom line, best crab cakes in the city, cold Natty Boh and a raw bar.

    Also in the market, hot dogs and coffee at Konstant's and Berger Cookies.

    Lunch was the easy part. you may want to be more specific with your dinner request. First, do you have access to the entire city or are you restricted to certain neighborhoods?

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      Could not agree more with Lexington Market. It is where I take all of my guests (and, of late,there have been many; I've seem to be acting as a bit of an unofficial b&b). The food safari goes something like this: fried chicken wings at Park's, shrimp salad sandwich at Mary Mervis, crabcake at Faidley's (spend the money and go for jumbo lump; you live once!) with Berger cookies for dessert.

      My most recent guest, who left about a week ago, was from Denmark. He described the crab cake (again, jumbo lump) as "life changing." (It had been nuked, and was a bit dry, and I've definitely had better from them, but I wasn't about to mess with someone's utter joy at eating his first ever Baltimore crabcake.)

      He was also amazed by the oyster bar there, since in his hometown, oysters are eaten by people of some means, with champagne. He was amazed and delighted at seeing working class folks hanging around the raw bar chowing down on oysters, and drinking watery beer out of plastic cups.

      Also, the oysters there now are large and pretty good. Over in south Baltimore, at Nick's in Cross Street Market, they are a little smaller, but a bigger selection of oysters, and are much more flavorful.

      Do a search on this board for steamed crabs, and you'll get loads of suggestions.

    2. Another idea is a place called John Stevens. It is in Fells Point, and while I know you said oysters and crabs, they have awesome mussels. So I would expect that the rest of their seafood selection is pretty good as well.

      1. Since changing owners, I have not been a fan of John Stevens. It's just not the same. My favorite place for mussels, and one of my favorite restaurants in general is Henninger's on Bank Street. It's inviting, and not flooded with tourists, as John Stevens seems to be these days.

        1. For dinner I would recommend Ixia. My husband and I had a truely wonderful experience there. Arrive a little early and enjoy one of their amazing cocktails in the bar/lounge area. The service was impecable as was the food and atmosphere. I can't wait to go back.

          1. jack's bistro in canton has the most creative menu i have ever seen. it has a great neighborhood feel, a nice wine list, very knowledgable servers, & reasonable prices. Always a good mix of the young and older folks. the last time i was there, a lady next to me mentioned that she wished she could lick her plate. i would also recommend pazza luna in locust point if interested in Italian.